Toyz in the Hood (and 9 other rejected Toy Story titles)

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Dec 15, 2012

When a movie title nails it, a movie title nails it, and Toy Story seemed just about perfect. But according to Lee Unkrich—who edited Toy Story before co-directing Toy Story 2 and then directing Toy Story 3—deciding what to call the movie didn't come easy.

Over on Twitter, Unkrich revealed Toy Story "was always just a working title that we never intended to use" and that the list of alternate titles was "well over 200." Unkrich then shared some of those rejects, which included these favorites of ours:

Made in Taiwan

The Cowboy & The Spaceman

Bring Me the Arm of Buzz Lightyear

Wind the Frog

Toyz in the Hood

Some Assembly Required

Each Sold Separately

Wind-Up Heroes

To Infinity and Beyond

Moving Buddies

For more rejected titles—as well as some fan-sggested ones—check out the Twitter hashtag #RejectedToyStoryTitles.

(via /Film)

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