Track the ratings of 13 current genre shows with our new chart

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Dec 15, 2012

If you're wondering how your favorite genre show is doing now that the fall lineup is almost completely in place, the chart above and the analysis below (which you'll start seeing weekly here at Blastr) reveal encouraging Live + Same numbers.

Once Upon a Time premiered this week to a huge audience, The Walking Dead lost a little ground in its second week but still dominated its night on cable, The Big Bang Theory continues to be a powerhouse, and Terra Nova posted a strong gain in its fourth week on the air.


Terra Nova (FOX) 7.97 million viewers/2.7/7 share

With baseball out of its way in its fourth week, the FOX drama picked up nearly 1 million viewers from week three and improved both its ratings and share. It's still not on par with the numbers from its first two episodes, which both topped 8 million viewers, but don't write Terra Nova off just yet.


American Horror Story (FX) 2.58 million viewers/1.5

American Horror Story bounced back in its third week after losing about half a million viewers in its second week. It's still not back up to its premiere numbers (which topped 3 million), but it finished second on the night for cable shows, topped only by Storage Wars, and gained one-tenth of a ratings point. What's more, it beat South Park, so this new show is definitely holding its own.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 14.69 million viewers/4.9/15 share

The blockbuster geek sitcom managed the highest ratings of its fifth season so far Thursday, tied its highest Thursday night viewership ever and won the night, and it did it all while facing off against game two of the World Series. This one just keeps dominating.

Person of Interest (CBS)
12.27 million viewers/2.7/7 share

Though it's losing the demo race to Grey's Anatomy, the sci-fi procedural managed to top 12 million viewers for the first time since its second episode, and ended up Thursday's third most-watched show (behind The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist, also CBS shows). Those demo numbers might be cause for concern somewhere down the line, but for now they're solid, and this show's total viewership is definitely strong for a new series.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)
2.85 million viewers/1.3 /4 share

The Vampire Diaries seems to be holding steady six episodes into its third season, drawing in somewhere close to 3 million viewers each episode. Not too shabby, but when you compare it to the numbers of its first and second seasons (which were almost always above 3 million), and consider that it has to face off in the demo with The Big Bang Theory every week, this show could have trouble on the horizon. Then again, we are talking about The CW, and as long as they're hooking in their target demo (women 18-34), they've got some degree of staying power.

The Secret Circle (CW)
2.1 million viewers/0.9/2 share

The CW's witch series actually posted a gain for the first time in three weeks, jumping past the 2-million-viewer mark for the first time since Sept. 29 and picking up one-tenth of a ratings point. Even so, we're talking about a show that's still 1 million viewers down from its series premiere six weeks ago, and it's losing almost 1 million viewers from its lead-in (and CW-styled "sister show") The Vampire Diaries. It's far from certain, but this one might be in a little trouble.


A Gifted Man (CBS) 8.65 million viewers/1.2/5 share

The ghostly medical drama earned a big gain this week, jumping almost a million viewers up from its fourth episode and nearing the strength of its premiere numbers back in September. It's managing only fair numbers in demo ratings, finishing sixth on the night, but in terms of total viewers it continues to win its time slot and take third place every Friday, finishing only behind two other CBS shows: Blue Bloods and CSI:NY.

Supernatural (CW)
1.82 million viewers/0.7/2 share

The seventh season of Supernatural could be the show's last for any number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that the show has yet to break 2 million viewers or earn one whole ratings point this year. The show jumped by .2 million viewers in its fifth week, but held steady in both ratings and share. Friday night ratings are lower simply because people aren't always home, sure, but last year's ratings averaged nearly 2.5 million viewers, so there's only so much you can chalk up to the weekend.

Sanctuary (Syfy)
1.46 million viewers/0.5

Good news for Sanctuary. The series posted the strongest numbers yet of its fourth season Friday and held steady in its demo rating. Better news: All three episodes of season four have held on to a higher viewership than the second half of season three. Could this show be growing its audience, and if so, how much higher can it climb?

Fringe (FOX)

Fringe took a break Friday, but as the show in general stands right now, things are rocky. It's in the midst of its worst season yet where ratings are concerned (it's barely clearing one whole point these days), and the most-watched show of the season—its season premiere on Sept. 23—only drew in about 3.5 million viewers, while the show averaged more than 5 million viewers last season. It's too soon to say Fringe is doomed, but it's not too soon to say it could be doomed.

The Clone Wars (TOON)

Clone Wars also took a week off, but things look solid for the Cartoon Network series. It's not shattering ratings records or anything, but it is hovering comfortably at between 1.5 and 2 million viewers each week just as it did last year. It's not huge, but for a Friday night show on basic cable, it's definitely hanging in there.


The Walking Dead (AMC) 6.7 million viewers/3.6

The zombies of AMC slipped two tenths of a ratings point for the second episode of their second season Sunday, but still held the top spot among cable shows on the night by an impressive margin, finishing nearly two whole points ahead of the second place show (The Real Housewives of NJ, in case you were curious). Episode two lost a little over half a million viewers from the premiere audience, but it still had almost a million more viewers than the best viewed episode of season one, the season finale. And that's not even counting the people who will watch it on DVR this week. The undead are still showing lots of life at AMC.

Once Upon a Time (ABC)
12.79 million viewers/3.9/10 share

The new fairy tale drama posted the strongest fall premiere of any ABC show since 2009, and was the highest rated non-sports program on broadcast TV Sunday night. It also managed to post the highest ratings for any new broadcast drama this season overall. Very good news for ABC's struggling Sunday night lineup, and for fans of fairy tale stories on a large scale, but we'll have to wait until next week to see how many of those viewers decide the series is worth a second look.