Batman and Harley Quinn team up in first trailer for animated DC film

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May 29, 2017, 2:57 PM EDT (Updated)

Fans have been looking forward to the DC Universe Animated Original Movie Batman and Harley Quinn since it was announced in July 2016. Think about it. Dour Batman teaming up with the chaotic Harley Quinn? What can possibly go right?

A lot more than you’d think. Harley, for all of her overenthusiastic nature, is trying to live a life on the straight and narrow, and her ex-boyfriend Joker, aka the Clown Prince of Crime, is nowhere to be seen. That’s good, because Harley without the Joker is an independent, capable person. With the Joker, she’s frequently the second fiddle.

From the trailer, below, we see that their team-up is fate-of-the-world important: Together, they have to stop the other team-up of Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man … who have planned to destroy humanity in favor of a new plant civilization.

Harley and Ivy have been friends and allies in the past, but as Harley says, “Friends don’t let friends kill 7 billion people.”

The official release date of the PG-13 Batman and Harley Quinn hasn’t been announced, but we can expect it this summer. I’m also expecting wacky Harley antics. With any luck, Batman will display emotion other than “thirst for justice.”

Check it out.

(Via Batman-News)