This trailer for a book full of never-before-seen Star Wars storyboards is kind of awesome

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May 8, 2014, 3:20 PM EDT (Updated)

A long time ago, hidden in a vault far, far away ...

The original Star Wars trilogy really succeeds at telling a rich, visual narrative. The lightsaber fights, the space battles, the elaborate practical effects and puppets all weave together into a really stunning sci-fi tapestry.

But that's, essentially, just strong follow-through on well-crafted storyboards and character/setting designs. The thing is, we haven't seen anywhere near all of the original in Star Wars storyboards.

That is about to change with the release of STAR WARS STORYBOARDS: THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY by  J.W. Rinzler, which will not only show us the original designs for scenes we love from Episodes IV-VI, but also a host of things we never saw, alternate takes, and who knows what other treasures.

It's so exciting, there's even a trailer for it.

Looks like the book is set to drop on May 13 and will run you about 30 galactic credits.

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