Trailer for 'Mudbloods' has us cheering for collegiate quidditch

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Jul 31, 2014, 12:38 PM EDT (Updated)

Even if you haven't seen the Harry Potter films -- and if you haven't, you've missed 10 years of cultural phenomenon -- you've probably heard of the soccer/basketball-like game that Harry played between adventures, known as quidditch. Like many parts of the Potter-verse, quidditch leaked into the real world years ago, with college students turning it into an actual sport playable by the non-magical ... and they're now the subjects of an upcoming documentary, Mudbloods.

Mudbloods, the name used in Harry Potter for those of mixed magical/non-magical descent, follows enthusiastic players as they work their way to the Quidditch World Cup. We have a trailer, below.

According to the film's site, quidditch is the fastest-growing collegiate sport today (seriously). It makes perfect sense. The young children raised on Harry Potter have grown up and are attending university. But there's one thing that doesn't quite make sense ...

Did we mention that quidditch is played on magical flying broomsticks?

Real-world quidditch players have compensated for their lack of flight by adding an element of rugby to the gameplay, as well as keeping one hand on a broomstick between their legs at all times. Because of this, the game can be, to put it delicately, unusual to look at.

But there's no denying that quidditch -- now a cultural phenomenon in its own right -- is a hell of a lot of fun for every person who has put a broom between their legs.

Via MTV.

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