The trailer for S. Darko won't answer if Donnie needed a sequel

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

SlashFilm reports that S. Darko, a sequel to Donnie Darko, will debut direct to DVD without the involvement of original Darko director Richard Kelly. Watch the trailer after the jump.

The movie, which will be teased at New York Comic Con this weekend, will drop on April 28.

Here's the official synopsis: Samantha Darko (Daveigh Chase) and her rebellious best friend, Corey Richardson (Briana Evigan), leave on a cross-country road trip to Los Angeles in an attempt to "make it big." Their dreams are cut short when their water pump blows outside of a tiny Utah town, where they are stranded with the locals until their car's fixed. Sam and Corey are less than thrilled at the delay, and when an unexplained meteorite crash-lands in town that night, it soon becomes clear that there is much more in play than just a chance breakdown. Plagued by bizarre hallucinatory dreams warning her of the universe's imminent end, as well as grief over her own loss of family, Sam must face the demons back home that she had fled. Aided by the unlikely town locals, Sam learns the true meaning of family and friendship, and in doing so saves only herself.