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Travel to the Fisherman King's palace in this new Aquaman photo

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

The first trailer for Aquaman is expected to be released next week at San Diego Comic-Con, but ahead of the trailer a new photo gives us a look at the Fisherman King who rules over one of the kingdoms of Atlantis in the upcoming film.

Director James Wan's Aquaman solo film is poised to settle the longtime battle of land vs. water, and now we have a first look at just who us land-dwellers might be up against. We first met Aquaman (Jason Momoa) in DCEU's Justice League last year, but now we're diving deeper into his ocean home.

The photo introduces the Fisherman King, the leader of one of the seven rival kingdoms of Atlantis. Producer Peter Safran told EW that this specific kingdom is "artistic and cerebral, with poets and philosophers.”

Take a look:

In the photo, we see the Fisherman King (Djimon Hounsou) in his ornate palace alongside his Fisherman family: the Queen (Natalia Safran) and Princess (Sophia Forrest). All three of them are wearing intense armor like they're ready to battle. You can even see a guard in the background also clad in armor. The Fisherman Kingdom looks pretty... fishy, with the actors being almost unrecognizable.

According to EW, in the scene shown, King Orm (not pictured) has come to ask the Fisherman King to join him in battle against the people living on land. Why? Their polluting ways are impacting the ocean world a little too much. A previously released photo shows King Orm (Patrick Wilson) meeting at the Council of Kings with leaders from some of the seven kingdoms he is likely hoping to unite for their battle.

The character of Fisherman King appears to be a new character created for the film, so there isn't any comic book background to help us speculate on his role in the war, but by the looks of it, we'll just hope he doesn't join in.

Aquaman rises to the surface on December 21.

(via EW)

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