Treasure hunters find mysterious Millennium Falcon-shaped object in the sea

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Dec 16, 2012

Deep-sea treasure hunters have found a lot of things over the years, from century-old shipwrecks to sunken gold—but the latest find could be the strangest. A crew combing the Baltic Sea for shipwrecks has stumbled across a mysterious object that bears a striking resemblance to Han Solo's spaceship of choice: the Millennium Falcon.

Off the coasts of Sweden and Finland, the team discovered a cylindrical object with a diameter of approximately 60 meters that tapers off with a tail about 400 meters long. After additional sonar sweeps, the treasure hunters spotted the Star Wars-shaped object lying about 200 meters away.

Search leader Peter Lindberg told CNN he doesn't know what it could be but noted that the objects likely didn't break off from some undiscovered shipwreck.

"We've heard lots of different kinds of explanations, from George Lucas' spaceship—the Millennium Falcon—to 'it's some kind of plug to the inner world,' like it should be hell down there or something," he said. "But we won't know until we have been down there."

As awesome as this may seem, we probably shouldn't be planning our assault on the Death Star anytime soon. Lindberg is still waiting for calmer conditions in the area for a return trip to get a better look, and is working from a shot he admits "isn't the best it could be."

Plus, not everyone is convinced the object isn't just a geological anomaly. Andreas Olsson, with Sweden's Maritime Museums, notes the picture could likely be explained in several more boring ways.

"It all depends on the circumstances when you actually tow the [sonar] fish after the boat," he told CNN about the imaging technique. "What are the temperature conditions, the wave conditions, how deep is your fish in relation to the sea bed, et cetera, and all those parameters also affects what kind of image you have in the end."

Regardless, if it's between Hellmouth or Millennium Falcon? My money's on Han.

(via CNN)

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