Treat yourself to this solid-gold, $160K Gundam statue

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Jul 23, 2015, 4:30 PM EDT

Not everyone has the sort of serious spare change to purchase this incredible solid-gold Gundam statue, but it costs nothing to stare and dream.  Behold the glittering presence of this 5-inch, 35.3 ounce, $160K re-creation of the iconic Japanese robot, crafted by jewelers at Ginza Tanaka in partnership with Bandai for The Art Of Gundam exhibition now open in Japan through Sept. 27, 2015. 

Ginza Tanaka were the metallurgic wizards behind the solid-gold figures of Godzilla and Ghidorah for last year's big King of the Monsters 60th-anniversary celebration.   If $160K is a bit steep for pay for the two-pound Golden Gundam, you can always opt for the less-expensive all-silver version for a mere $5,200.

Take a look at these precious-metal souvenirs and tell us if they incite a sudden case of gold fever.

(Via Comic Book Resources)