Treat yourself to a first peek at Dynamite's five new Halloween one-shots

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Jul 18, 2018, 4:31 PM EDT

Even in the sweltering months of mid-summer, we're just a bit over three months away from the spookiest time of year, Halloween, so it's never too early to start celebrating.

Dynamite Entertainment has a treat-filled bucket of geeky goodies waiting for you when the leaves fall and the full moon rises with five fresh Halloween one-shots showcasing Elvira: Mistress of the Macabre, Vampirella, Army of Darkness, Bettie Page, and Red Sonja. These All Hallows' Eve-themed standalone issues will be fortified with 40 pages of spine-chilling fun for readers of all ages hoping to get in the scary spirit of the season.

“Halloween and comic books go hand in hand," announced Dynamite CEO Nick Barrucci. "Everyone loves a good scary story in late October and we’ve always wanted to do a big program for all our major characters. This is a great chance for readers to get five great stories for themselves or to give to their friends for the holiday.”

Watch for their imminent arrival come October! Here's the creepy, pumpkin-filled preview of all five covers by the talented Reilly Brown below:


Elvira Halloween Special

Written by Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz, Scott Bryan Wilson with artwork by Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz, this spooky special has the ravishing Elvira hostessing horror film fests at the local drive-in theater. When the opportunity to hook up with George Rottmero, producer of the grittiest, most realistic horror flicks in history arises, she discovers the dark secret behind Rottmero's success and her dreams of super stardom might become nightmares!

army of darkness

Army of Darkness Halloween Special

After a kooky tour guide raises the ghostly remains of the galleon that brought the dreaded Necronomicon to America, Ash finally encounters the one thing he hates more than bloodthirsty Deadites — phantom pirates! Written by Chad Bowers, Chris Sims, Benito Cereno with artwork by Eoin Marron and Anthony Marques, it's stuffed with chainsaws and boomsticks, cutlasses and muskets, and if Blackbeard’s men can't own their fabled treasure, the Promised One's severed head could substitute nicely.

bettie page

Bettie Page Halloween Special

The sexy Golden Age pin-up girl Bettie Page is back, written by David Avallone and Leah Williams with artwork by Julius Ohta and Fernando Ruiz. This seasonal story investigates whether a Boston artist is actually in contact with godlike space aliens, or is he just plain insane? Bold Bettie brings all the love and the craft in the newest stimulating chapter of David Avallone’s Secret Diary of Bettie Page!


Vampirella Halloween Special

On the planet Drakulon where the lovely Vampirella was born they don't celebrate birthdays — so Vampi got to pick her own and Halloween Night is the perfect choice. To her dismay and annoyance, her joyous celebration is interrupted by an epic, pan-dimensional demonic invasion that often accompanies All Hallows Eve! Written by Scott Lobdell and Blake Northcott with artwork by Rapha Lobosco and Anthony Marques just in time for Vampi's 50th anniversary next year!

red sonja

Red Sonja Halloween Special

A mysterious old woman hires Sonja during the Festival of the Dead to find and rescue her son from a diabolical evil. This terrifying force is the horribly hairy curse of lycanthropy. Written by Erik Burnham and Tom Defalco with artwork by Tom Garcia and Anthony Marques, Red Sonja: Curse of the Wolf will have readers howling for more as Sonja attempts to vanquish a werewolf while the most magical night of the year erupts.

“How awesome is it that Halloween falls on New Comic Day this year?," Dynamite Editor Joseph Rybandt told SYFY WIRE. "Pretty Awesome. So awesome that we’ve created a series of special Halloween one-shots to celebrate and bring the spooky goodness to comic shops this Halloween!”