Trek creator Roddenberry's ashes to boldly R.I.P. in deep space

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Jun 21, 2013

Who could ask for a better way to spend eternity?

The remains of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and his wife will be launched into space soon — and stay there forever. Roddenberry’s remains have previously been sent into space (he died in 1991), but this new plan will actually send them drifting off ... You know, perhaps to where no man has gone before?

The project is being handled by the Texas-based company Celestis, which has made a business of sending remains into space then bringing them back. Celestis will launch these high-profile remains, along with some digital files, DNA samples and hair from acclaimed science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke.

Even cooler? The items will be carried off with a large experimental solar sail developed by NASA, which will take them (literally) into the great beyond.

R.I.P., Gene — thanks for the good times.

(Via The Associated Press)

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