Trek XI: It’s official

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Mar 7, 2007

Yikes! I meant to post this the other day. Sorry about the delay.

Well, Viacom/Paramount or whatever they call themselves these days has made it official: Star Trek XI is a real project, and it really is a prequel, and it really will have Kirk/Spock/McCoy in the early days, and it really will be directed by J J Abrams, despite repeated earlier denials and all the ridiculous stuff Hollywood does when they don't want news to break early.

So who will star? The rumors are flying, but my favorite is: Matt Damon, Adrian Brody, and Gary Sinise as K/S/M, respectively. That may be a joke, but I have to say it's a really good call, and in fact I wouldn't have any problems seeing these three as The Three. I really like Matt Damon, who is a phenomenal and very natural actor. He'd be great as Kirk.

And can I dare hope? Could it revitalize Trek in the way Enterprise didn't quite manage (despite a phenomenal comeback in the fourth season)?

Yes, I'm a geek. But it's Trek. And it's coming back!


I leave you with this. The Shatner.

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