Roberto Orci says all you've heard about Trek 2's villain is wrong

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Dec 17, 2012

Okay, this is getting ridiculous. First, Karl Urban says Gary Mitchell IS the villain in Star Trek 2. Now one of the film's writers, Roberto Orci, says he's NOT. Which man is lying?

Yes, we're calling one of them a liar, since both gave completely opposite answers to the question of just who British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in J.J. Abrams' follow-up to his 2009 Trek reboot.

First, Urban—who's playing Dr. McCoy—said that Cumberbatch's "Gary Mitchell will be exemplary," shocking fans by apparently outing the movie's nemesis as Jim Kirk's best friend from the second TOS pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before." In that episode, Mitchell was endowed with godlike powers which made him such a threat that Kirk ultimately had to put him down.

Urban later tried to explain the seeming slip-up, but nevertheless did not deny that Cumberbatch was playing Mitchell.

But now Orci has weighed in, and if you recall, he said in an interview last month that Mitchell would not be in the movie. In a new chat with Trek Movie, when questioned about Urban's comment, this is what Orci had to say now:

I would say that I never lie. While Karl tests all those hypo spray props on himself [laughs]

So Orci seems right there to directly contradict what Urban said. But since all these guys are known for pulling fast ones on the fans, and Urban himself is given to practical jokes, we're still not sure who to believe. As for how long they actually intend to keep the villain's identity a secret, Orci offered:

For as long as we can because of our belief that one of the fun things about Star Trek that distinguishes it from other franchises is that the story turns. It isn't just the spectacle of Star Trek, not just the explosions and the battles, it is the plot. That is why we are so protective of plot and character with this particular franchise. In others that isn't the case but in this one we can preserve the experience for some people of not knowing exactly until we get there. Will we succeed in keeping it under wraps? Probably not, but we will try it.

Trek Movie then tried something different, asking Orci if the characters played by Cumberbatch and other actors new to the franchise are TOS canon or not. The results?

Benedict Cumberbatch - canon
Alice Eve - canon
Peter Weller - not canon

So Cumberbatch's character is canon but not Mitchell, according to Orci. So is he Khan? Gary Seven? Lazarus (just throwing out randon names now)? And who is Alice Eve playing ... Janice Rand? Wouldn't that be cool!

Orci reveals just a little more in the interview, saying that we can expect a first trailer this fall and that out of the list of names being considered for the movie, only one or two don't actually have the words "Star Trek" in them.

So who do you believe, Orci or Urban? Or is this all some elaborate game the Star Trek gang is playing on us?

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