Trek's 'T'Pol' turns evil in Legend of the Seeker

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Leave it to the producers of Legend of the Seeker to turn Star Trek: Enterprises' hottest Vulcan into an evil Sister wearing a hot red nun's habit. Jolene Blalock, who played the Vulcan T'Pol, turns up this weekend on the syndicated Legend of the Seeker for a two-episode arc.

In this weekend's episode, "Dark," Richard's (Criag Horner) off to be trained by the Sisters of the Light to get control of his inner wizard, while the rest of the heroes deal with the loss of their Seeker. During Richard's challenging time with the Sisters, he runs into Blalock's Sister Nicci, who isn't exactly what she seems.

"She's a mysterious vixen," says Blalock. Not "blatantly evil or blatantly sinister," she adds: "I hold firm to the belief that Sister Nicci is inherently good and innately pure. I just believe that the plot that Sister Nicci has strategized, and in the end executed, all of this is because of the passion of her own intentions, and I think that sometimes we can lose focus of the bigger picture when we are blinded by the passions of our own intentions."

Sister Nicci uses a "mastery of subtle manipulation with Richard" to invoke a plan that's been in the making for "possibly thousands of years," said Blalock. "I think she did feel a sense of self-satiation as she watched each of these long-awaited moments with Richard unfold."

For Blalock, Sister Nicci is different from any other character she's played that ended up being the "bad guy." "It's very well calculated," she said. "So I don't think I've ever played a character that has been quite so calculated, and even saying that sounds sinister. But I mean that it's just well planned."

T'Pol is a character Blalock remembers fondly. T'Pol was "an interesting bird," she said with a laugh. "There was lots I liked about her. ... I liked how she couldn't take a joke. I like how it seemed as if she really wanted to be accepted, and this tough exterior on the outside was 'I don't need you.' I like how she became close to the rest of the characters. It was just really special, special bonds."

Legend of the Seeker airs in syndication on Saturdays and Sundays.

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