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WIRE Buzz: Tremors: Island Fury casts Jon Heder; Adam McKay directs meteor film; more

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Nov 8, 2019, 12:42 PM EST

The Tremors film franchise is back for seventh helpings in its latest monster comedy/horror, as Tremors: Island Fury has announced its full cast list thanks to one of the series' most stalwart elements. Actor Michael Gross — who's played Graboid hunter, paranoid doomsdayer, and all-around fan favorite Burt Gummer in every single Tremors movie — is so excited about the upcoming septenary film (and its impressive cast) that he decided to break the news himself.

Posting on Instagram, Gross unveiled the full cast of the Don Michael Paul-helmed film — and it's led by Napoleon Dynamite actor Jon Heder and Gross himself. Take a look:

Heder and Gross are joined by Richard Brake (3 From Hell), Caroline Langrishe, Jackie Cruz, and many more. Presumably few will survive when the iconic creatures overrun a tropical island.

Tremors: Island Fury, written by Brian Brightly, does not yet have a release date, but -- according to Gross' previous comments -- it has likely just begun production in Thailand.

Next, Adam McKay is heading into sci-fi satire for his next film. The director, known for his dark and hilarious takes on topics like subprime mortgages in films like The Big Short, will next tackle the meteor-focused Don't Look Up.

According to DeadlineDon’t Look Up will soon have its script's first draft completed as the writer/director brings the dark comedy to Paramount. The “dark satire in the school of Wag the Dog, Doctor Strangelove, and Network" will follow the repercussions of two astronomers' discovery that a meteorite will demolish Earth in half a year. As they go on a media tour to try to convince the world to do something, it's only natural that comedy unfolds that might be a bit close to home considering the world's current climate crisis.

Speaking of, McKay also revealed that his company is working on a "Black Mirror-like anthology" based on David Wallace Wells’ Uninhabitable Earth all about the impact of global warming. Meteors, climate change — McKay has the world's end on his mind, and a few funny ways to try to stop it.

Neither Uninhabitable Earth or Don't Look Up has a release date.

Finally, Charlie's Angels seem to have a few new recruits for fighting evil with high-tech gadgets, outrageous disguises, and other elements of super spydom: the drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race.

Actor/director Elizabeth Banks and stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska team up with RuPaul, Nina West, Peppermint, Alaska, and Katya to enact a fabulous SNL-esque riff on the franchise's crime-fighting.

Take a look:

Bosley meets Bos-Slay in one of the strangest crossover promotions in recent memory. But maybe the film will really involve some wig-based criminal activity? The Angels (presumably without their new co-workers) return to the big screen on Nov. 15.