Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner
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Stars, fans mourn Blade Runner legend Rutger Hauer on social media

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Jul 24, 2019, 2:48 PM EDT

This week we learned that the world has lost veteran actor and genre movie legend Rutger Hauer, who passed away last Friday at his home in the Netherlands at the age of 75. Hauer's unforgettable screen presence, instantly memorable voice, and dedication to each and every role he played left a mark on cinema, and sci-fi cinema in particular, that will never be forgotten. As news of his death spread on Wednesday, Hauer's many fans and collaborators began paying tribute to his work and legacy as both an actor and a human being.

Right away, numerous fans who've shared the film industry with Hauer, from screenwriters to actors and directors, began sharing their favorite performances from his vast filmography, as well as highlighting their interactions with him and his reputation in the industry.

Numerous film critics and commentators also paid tribute, often noting that Hauer's career was so much more than his most iconic work in Blade Runner.

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