Tron 2 writer responds to the haters (and updates us on the sequel)

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Oct 15, 2013, 3:59 PM EDT (Updated)

After waiting more than two decades for it, fans were pretty mixed on Tron: Legacy once it finally arrived. Now writer Adam Horowitz has finally opened up about all the hate.

After hearing so much grumbling since the film’s 2010 release, Horowitz still sounded gracious about the opportunity he had to make the flick — and potentially continue it with a sequel. The story was a bit of a mixed bag, and Horowitz said he has taken those complaints to heart, but tried not to lose sight of why he wanted to be involved with Tron in the first place.

Here’s an excerpt from his impressively candid chat with Forbes:

“Every movie gets a mixed reception to some extent. And whatever the critics said or didn’t say, we were very humbled by the praise and humbled by the criticisms. But, what really meant the most to me is, and I remember this very fondly, which was opening weekend of the movie, driving over to Burbank and going into one of the theaters in there that was packed and seeing kids who were my age, when I saw the original TRON, staring up at the light jets. And like that’s all I needed — because that was like I got to see myself in that audience. And that’s what Eddie and I were hoping to achieve, which was we’re fans and if we can create new fans in that franchise, which I think and hope we did, then I feel like it was mission accomplished. And if we’re lucky enough to continue on with the franchise, we only want to keep making it better.

You know, it’s a learning process. And that’s the thing. You read reviews and the thing with it is your job, as a reviewer, is so hard. You got to sit there and you got to take in the whole of the experience and then kind of make something of it. And maybe you get to see it a few times when you get to do it. So for us the perspective is, like with TRON for example, it’s been three and a half years working on that movie. So it’s like every decision that happened and everything that appeared on that screen there’s a reason for it and some things happen for different reasons – and some things happened as happy accidents or not. And you just try to take the things that you think really worked and kind of grow on them and move forward and improve upon them. And if something didn’t work, you try to take it as a learning experience. And I think reading the reviews, we love to hear what critics say, what the fans say. And it’s because that’s where we came from too. And, you know, we’re big boys – look, it’s the job. We are so lucky to be able to put stuff out. So if we’re gonna be lucky enough to do that we’ve got to be able to hear what comes back at us. And, you know, ultimately we’re doing it for you guys. So, you know, have at it.”

As for a sequel? Horowitz promises it is still “chugging” through development, and they hope to announce something soon. Considering the easter eggs planted in Legacy, and that hella-awesome cliffhanger ending, it’d be a shame if the sequel never made it to the screen.

What do you think? Could a third film save Tron?

(Via Forbes)