Tron 3 is NOT happening. Disney shuts down sequel

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May 31, 2015, 7:41 AM EDT (Updated)

The House of Mouse just yanked the rug out from under the Tron trilogy. The third film, which would feature the return of Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and director Joseph Kosinski, is dead in the water. Despite all of its preproduction movement, Disney's opted not to move forward with Tron 3.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tron 3 never received an official green light. But in spite of that, major castings and crew hirings were made. They'd already begun prepping for the shoot that was slated to begin this fall. The original Tron was released in 1982 and starred Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner. It grossed $33 million. In 2010, Disney produced the followup, Tron Legacy, in which Hedlund played the estranged son of Bridges' character. The sequel grossed more than $400 million worldwide.

We're not exactly sure why Disney waited so late to call everything off. Perhaps they're trying to go in a different direction with their upcoming slate? Perhaps the relative underperformance of Tomorrowland spooked them? Most of their tentpoles are either Marvel-related or live-action adaptations of their animated classics (i.e. Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book). Either way, this is bad news for those of you who were interested in the next phase of the Tron saga. 

Are you disappointed that Tron 3 isn't happening? 

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