Tron Guy 'had to fight off tears' while watching Tron: Legacy

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Dec 14, 2012

Tron Guy, who used a costume to turn himself into a meme, has seen Tron: Legacy—and it nearly brought him to tears.

Computer programmer Jay Maynard, who parlayed his willingness to dress like a character out of Tron into appeances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was caricatured on South Park, got to see the film before the rest of us. And it nearly brought tears to his eyes.

In a good way.

Wrote Tron Guy in Wired:

"I've been waiting 28 years to see if the other shoe would ever drop on the Tron universe. It has, and the result is visually stunning, intellectually engaging and emotionally exhausting. ...

It's a logical continuation of the original, although you need not have seen Tron to understand what's happening now. Strong performances by Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen should prevent the kind of complaints about wooden acting that surrounded the original movie. The result delivers an unexpected emotional impact, especially at the ending.

Perhaps the emotional ending influenced my final reaction. As the credits rolled, I had to fight off tears. ... I walked out of the theater to my cold truck, determined to not let my feelings show. Nobody there would have understood."

We'd have understood, Tron Guy. We'd have understood.

But what's far more interesting to us is the question: Has a movie ever been reviewed by a meme before?

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