Tron titles redone with awesome '60s goodness

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Patrick Lee
Dec 14, 2012

Tron, the original computer-animated sci-fi movie, is kind of a touchstone of the 1980s, but what if it were first imagined in the 1960s?

Wired has found a Tron title sequence re-imagined with Mad Men, Saul Bass-style graphics, created by Vimeo user Hexagonall:

"I love the simplicity and minimalism of Saul Bass," who did animated intros for Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and North by Northwest, writes Hexagonall. "I love the film Tron and I thought, '[What] if Saul Bass had done the opening title of the film?'"

Watch it below. The jazzy score completes the space-age vibe, don't you agree?

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