True Blood actress reveals the Pam/Tara sex scene we never saw

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Jun 20, 2013

Wait, what? Pam and Tara had sex on the beach in the season premiere of True Blood this past Sunday? Um ... where were we during that?

Need we say: Spoilers ahead!

In a little chat with Vulture, Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays Pam de Beaufort on the hit HBO series, talked about the sex scene with Tara (Rutina Wesley) we never got to see.

Okay ... so that’s a bit of a bummer.

Here’s the excellent exchange:

Although they got to cuddle on the beach. But I could swear they mentioned that they had had sex, and I was trying to figure out when did that happen?
Yeah! [Laughs.] I was, too. There have been many different revisions and different scripts, and there was a time where there was a version of a script where we did see more of that. But now, I'm not exactly sure when and where the writers are referring to. When would they have had time to do this? Before storming the Authority? I remember when I said, "We drank a bitch together, that doesn't make us Oprah and Gayle," so was it then? I don't think so, because that first kiss felt like a first kiss, back in episode twelve of last season. So I'm imagining it was on the beach in the first episode of this season. That's a possibility. What I'm imagining is that it was fairly tender and intimate, because that moment on the beach is a vulnerable moment that Pam allows to happen, and they're really bonding. Pam can be like a turtle and pull back into her shell, so I think this was a real first for Pam, to be vulnerable and have another human being — well, another being, another entity, comfort her. She's only had that with Eric.

Bauer also goes on to discuss her strained relationship with her maker Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and the complicated family dynamic among Pam, Eric, Nora (Lucy Griffiths), Godric (Allan Hyde) and Tara, as well as the Warlow (Rutger Hauer) mystery.

Considering that both HBO and True Blood never shied away from sex scenes (the incessant, multiple orgies from season two come to mind, and even though we want to forget them, they are sadly painfully seared into our brain), we’re rather surprised that the one between Tara and Pam was scrapped from the opening episode.

Are you disappointed that Pam and Tara's first time was left out of the season-six premiere? Or do you think that with everything going on in the first episode (and there was A LOT going on) it would have been a tad too much and they should save the dirty deed between those two crazy kids for another time?

(via Vulture)

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