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True Blood author Charlaine Harris to get 2 more book series made into shows

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Oct 7, 2018, 10:34 AM EDT

The small screen just can’t seem to get enough of author Charlaine Harris. To be fair, her books do tend to provide good source material for successful TV shows.

The author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, aka the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and the Midnight, Texas series, has seen her books become massively popular television shows (the Stackhouse novels being the basis for HBO’s True Blood). And at a Q&A session at New York Comic Con on Saturday, the novelist revealed that two more book series of hers have been optioned.

“So, I’ll be going to a lot more sets,” Harris said to the very excited crowd.

Harris didn’t – and in fact, couldn’t – reveal too many more details, other than that the books in question were her latest, An Easy Death, and her Harper Connelly Mysteries. Beyond that, she couldn’t reveal more.

“That’s all I can say until I sign the dotted line,” said Harris.

An Easy Death, the first book in the new Gunnie Rose series, is set in a fractured United States, where magic is acknowledged but mistrusted. A young gunslinger named Lizbeth “Gunnie” Rose accepts a job offer from a pair of Russian wizards to be their local guide and hired gun (or “gunnie”).

As the trio journey through an America shattered into several countries by the assassination of Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression, they’re confronted by multiple and varied enemies.


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And alas, for those wondering if Harries will be writing any more Sookie Stackhouse or Midnight, Texas books, don’t hold your breath. Harris told the group, because of the hateful reactions to the final Sookie novel, "I will never write another Sookie Stackhouse novel."

"I got hate mail. People telling me ‘I hope you die.’ ‘I hope your children die,’" she said, adding that no one would dare say those things to her face... and expect to get away with it.

As for the prospect of future Midnight, Texas books, her publisher hasn't asked for any more. "Take that how you will," said Harris.

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