True Blood author getting scary letters about decision to end the series

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May 7, 2013, 3:03 PM EDT (Updated)

Charlaine Harris has been writing The Southern Vampire Mysteries series for a long time, and those books have garnered her huge success. True Blood has gone on to be the most influential vampire TV show since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it's got the enormous fanbase to prove it.

That doesn't matter, though. Every story needs an ending, and with Dead Ever After, the 13th book in the series, Harris plans to call it quits on the universe that made her famous.

But not so fast, Harris! Your fans have something to say about it. In fact, they've been so vocally upset about the series ending that Harris isn't even going on her usual book tour for Dead Ever After. She's afraid of what people might say and do. According to Harris:

I’m very fortunate that people are so invested in the series. At the same time, it can be a source of some anxiety to get emails that say, ‘If Sookie doesn’t end up with Eric, I’m going to kill myself.

In addition to suicide letters, Harris has faced begging, taunts and even threats from fans through online forums and other social media. While it's natural to feel attached to a universe and the fictional characters that inhabit it, we're still talking about just that -- fiction.

We'd like to remind anyone this overzealous about Harris' books that, even if she stops writing them, that doesn't mean the fandom will die. Quite the contrary. We mentioned Buffy at the top. For years after the TV series ended, fans continued the conversation through essays and fan fiction. In fact, when Buffy returned in comic form, many die-hard fans were angry that Joss and company were writing a different story from the one they'd imagined.

What we're saying is -- everything has its time and everything dies. Even vampires ... and their stories.

(via The Mary Sue)