True Blood star explains his character's WTF-worthy last words

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Aug 12, 2013

If you’ve seen last night’s True Blood episode, then you know that at least one of the vamps finally met the sun. But not before uttering some rather interesting last words.


Last night, the former leader of the Fellowship of the Sun and Sarah Newlin’s (Anna Camp) ex-hubby, the former Rev. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), was finally toast after two seasons as a vampire. (Well, he was outed as a vamp at the very end of season four, but it was a teeny-weeny little appearance.)

In a fascinating, lengthy interview with Vulture, the actor reveals he was the one who came up with his character’s weirdly awesome dying words, which were: “I love you, Jason Stackhouse.”

Michael McMillian explains:

"If this were Lost, Jason would be Steve's constant. And it's not only Steve's final proclamation for his one true love, but it's also a giant fuck-you to his ex-wife. It was a line I actually pitched to [showrunner] Brian Buckner. One of the things I missed most this season was that Ryan Kwanten and I hadn't had any scenes together, so when they called and said I was going to be killed off, I asked, 'Am I going to have any more scenes with Ryan?' And Bucky said, 'No, but he's going to be at the camp and he'll be watching from the observation room when you die.' And so I said, 'Then I want my final words to be, 'I love you, Jason Stackhouse.' 'Will that make you feel better?' 'Absolutely.' And he wrote it into the script. [Laughs.]"

As to Newlin's fiery demise itself, to be fair, the character had been “digging his own grave” all season, as McMillian reveals:

"Steve was really digging himself into a hole this season. Steve Newlin is the Jabba the Hutt of the True Blood universe. He has a very important place in the mythology, but he's not going to help Luke Skywalker blow up the Death Star, you know? And especially seeing how the story was going, and Steve taking his place as a villain again and causing so much damage? If you think about it, Luna died because Steve and Russell kidnapped Emma. Pam was outted as Eric's progeny because of him. Nora dies because of him. And he just wasn't going to make it through. But Steve really dies at the hands of both Eric and Sarah."

So, what do you guys think of the former Rev. Steve Newlin’s dying words? Do you find them fitting to the character? How did you like the way he met the true death? Do you think they should have kept the character around a little while longer?

(via Vulture)

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