True Blood star warns a major death is gonna 'change the tone of the show'

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Jul 20, 2013, 2:44 PM EDT

Someone big is about to die this season on True Blood -- but who?

Bill taking on the powers of Lilith, the revelations regarding Sookie's past, the introduction of Warlow -- there have already been a lot of changes to True Blood this season. But we're hearing that the biggest change is yet to come.

Michael McMillian, who plays the part of Steve Newlin, opened up about a major character death, saying, "I obviously can’t say who it is, but I was definitely surprised when I found out," and that the death "changes the tone of the show."

Depending on which of the stories you care about right now, there are a lot of potential deaths that could significantly alter the show. Certainly, if Pam or Eric were knocked off, the show would be a lot less fun. Our gut tells us, though, that neither of them is on the chop.

We could see Jason's death having huge ramifications on the show. There aren't many humans left, and, in his own, goofy way, Jason keeps Sookie grounded -- as grounded as Sookie can get, that is.

Bill is another major contender. Actor Stepehen Moyer has moved behind the camera as a director, so he could still work on the show without starring in it.

We're also curious if, since the show has already strayed so far from the book series it was originally based on, Sookie herself might be in danger of getting axed. Certainly the show would change completely without her. But, in point of fact, the show isn't called "Sookie Stackhouse," it's called True Blood.

So, it could be anyone really -- Sookie, Bill, Jason, Tara, Eric, Pam ... anyone.

Who do you think it'll be?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)