True Blood actor takes method acting too far in funny NSFW video

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Dec 15, 2012

There are always people who take their jobs way too seriously in this world, and that includes a certain True Blood actor, as you'll see in this totally hilarious (and totally NSFW) video.

Called "Method shapeshifting with Marshall Allan" (you know, the guy who plays Sam's bane of existence little brother, Tommy Mickens) the Funny or Die video also stars True Blood newcomer Janina Gavankar (aka Sam's new love interest and new shapeshifter in town, Luna Garza).

See what happens when the two actors ''meet for the first time'' on a green-screen set and have to film a shapeshifting scene together. It takes that whole method-acting thingy to a completely new level.

(We have to give props to Marshall Allan for going above and beyond normal acting duties here, even by True Blood standards. We wonder how many times the cast and crew had to film this video, because we can't believe everyone kept a straight face the whole time. We know we couldn't.)