True Blood S5 clip: Look who Eric's attacking!

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Dec 17, 2012

The fifth season of True Blood has everyone on edge. Even the cool, calm and collected Eric Northman is losing his marbles. Sunday night HBO released a promo clip featuring the Viking vamp as he tries to uncover some pivotal information about Russell Edgington. How far is he willing to go for the truth?

Last season, Eric and his sidekick Pam had a little falling out. She made the mistake of risking Sookie's life in an effort to save her maker. Eric didn't take kindly to her betrayal and gave her a stern talking to. In the following clip, the vampires' relationship has hit another snag, but it has nothing to do with the fairy.

Eric knows Russell Edgington has escaped from his cement grave. So he pays a visit to Pam, who he believes had something to do with it. To say she's shocked and disturbed by his accusations would be an understatement.

After getting roughed up, Pam exclaims, "What's happened to you? How could you think I would go and dig up Russell Edgington?" Eric replies, "I trust no one. You shouldn't either."
Sounds like someone's paranoid! But then again, Russell is insane, so can we blame him?

True Blood returns to HBO June 10.