True Blood set demolition reveals a 5th season spoiler

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Dec 15, 2012

If you enjoyed having all those witches and all that witchy stuff from True Blood's season four, you may be disappointed coming in to season five, 'cause a leak from the set reveals something that tells us we won't be seeing any more of them.

That bit of news comes from E Online's Kristen Dos Santos, who was more than happy to fill in a fan with some True Blood season-five news.

Reagan: Any True Blood scoop? I am missing Alexander and his hot shirtlessness.

Wait, Alexander has gone shirtless? When? A source tells me Alan Ball is tearing down the Moongoddess set right now, so witches are definitely out for the upcoming season. We happy about this?


As we all know by now, each season of True Blood follows its corresponding Sookie Stackhouse novel loosely (and we really mean loosely). Book five of the series, Dead as a Doornail, deals mainly with the world of shifters and especially the brutal world of werewolves.

Remember how Shreveport pack master and all-around a**hole Marcus (Daniel Buran) was killed by Sam (Sam Trammell) last season? Well, you can bet the shirt on Alcide's (Joe Manganiello) back that the main storyline will focus on that, and on Alcide becoming the new leader of that pack.

We're not gonna bark at the idea of having more Joe Manganiello (preferably shirtless) on our TV screens, are we? And with now main kick-ass witch Holly (Lauren Bowles) still around, we know witchcraft won't be completely gone for good. It may just take a back seat to werewolf—and vampire—politics.

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