True Blood's biggest bad guy'll be back (but you'll have to wait)

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Dec 15, 2012

Everyone loves a good villain, and whether you liked Russell Edgington (the wonderful Dennis O'Hare) on HBO's True Blood or not, you can't argue that he had style, he had flair, he had power ... all before he became bat$@#! crazy and all hell broke loose—and he's definitely coming back.

The last time we saw Edgington was when concrete was being poured over him by our favorite Viking Vampire, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgarg), at the very end of the third season.

And while we all knew it was simply a matter of time before the flamboyant King of Mississipi would make his dramatic return to the series, we just didn't exactly know when he would make that come back.

Well, we've now got the answer from actor Dennis O'Hare himself, which he revealed during a lengthy interview with Film School Rejects.

They were definitely bringing me back, it was just a matter of if they wanted to bring me back the last couple episodes [of season four] or bring me back at the beginning. So they decided to do it at the beginning of season 5.

So hooray! Because we're quite thrilled that Russell Edgington's coming back to wreak havoc on the lives of all our favorite Bon Temps characters, but we've to admit that it's gonna be a looong wait until the next season of True Blood. Next summer. Bummer.

However—are you guys happy to hear the character's definitely coming back for season five. Do you think they should have brought him back earlier? Or do you think he should have stayed put in his cold, concrete prison for a while longer?

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