Alexander Skarsgard teases a True Blood S5 Eric/Bill bromance

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Dec 16, 2012

Are True Blood's two hunky ancient bloodsuckers Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) heading for "bromance-hood" in the upcoming fifth season of the hit HBO series? If we believe Alexander Skarsgard, could be!

Sure, the road's not been easy between True Blood's sexy Viking bloodsucker Eric Northman and hunky Southern ex-Confederate soldier Bill Compton.

While the former was the latter's boss as sheriff of Area 5 for the first three seasons, the tables were turned when Bill became Eric's new King by season four, and tensions ran pretty darn high between the both of them—not to mention a certain telepathic/faery waitress by the name of Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Paquin.

But the upcoming fifth season of the hit HBO series that'll air next summer may announce the beginning of a beautiful bromance between the two sexy vamps in Sookie's life.

When a Mega Buzz TV Guide reader asked if there was still hope for Sookie and Eric (as a couple), this is the answer they got:

Considering that Sookie swore off both Bill and Eric in the season finale, it'll be a while before we see any movement on that front. "The feelings are still there for both Eric and Bill," Alexander Skarsgard tells us. "The attraction is still there, but they're preoccupied, and so is she." Instead, look for Bill and Eric to team up while the vampire world begins to both expand and collapse in the coming season. "The guys have usually tried to kill each other and now suddenly have to learn to become friends and protect each other and work together."

Ah! There's nothing like being chained together to a fiery pyre with silver and almost burning to a toasty crisp to bring two bloodsucking frenemies closer.

But we think that vampire politics—and werewolf leadership issues—may also have a hand in uniting Eric and Bill into an uneasy friendship next season. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that we just can't wait to see that! Is it summer yet?

So, do you guys believe Eric and Bill can bury the hatchet-named-Sookie and become the dynamic, bloodsucking duo we all know they can be?