True story: Darth Vader breaks down while driving R2-D2's car

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

David "Darth Vader" Prowse was driving down the M1 highway in Northamptonshire, England, when his car broke down earlier this week. But the officers who showed up to assist him learned this wasn't just any old Mercedes the Sith lord was driving. It was previously owned by Prowse's fellow Star Wars actor Kenny Baker, the man inside R2-D2.

According to the BBC:

"The car was previously owned by my good friend Kenny Baker who was R2D2," said Prowse.

"He used to keep a little ladder inside the boot so he could climb up and put his suitcases inside.

"When he had finished, he'd put the ladder back and used a cord to shut the boot. "I decided to leave the cord there as a reminder of the car's previous owner." Okay then.

Prowse eventually made it to his destination, a reunion of the 501st UK Garrison, which is a charitable group of people who like to dress up in Star Wars costumes.

"I'm the Commander in Chief Worldwide so it was really important that I was there, and when I broke down my boot was full of memorabilia and photos," Prowse explained.

The picture is of an unrelated car, but it seemed fitting.