The Truman Show

Truman Show TV series now in development

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Apr 9, 2014, 6:39 PM EDT

The 1998 movie The Truman Show might be the next big movie to become a TV series.

According to The Wrap (via Badass Digest), Paramount Studios' TV arm is developing a series based on the acclaimed film, which starred Jim Carrey as a man who lives inside a reality TV series, unaware that millions have been watching every moment of his life. The premise is one that has been used to different degrees in many works of science fiction, but the hit movie was one of the more mainstream versions of the concept and was a terrific and winning piece of entertainment in its own right.

The question is: How do you make that into an ongoing series? The Truman Show was a story with a very definite arc: Truman eventually discovers what is going on and makes his escape into the world outside the gigantic dome in which his "hometown" has been constructed. The story felt complete. 

Do you actually make the show inside the show and follow the Truman character from cradle to escape? Do you show what happens to him after he leaves the reality show? Or does the series focus on other "Trumans" who may be living inside their own shows and who gradually find out the truth as well?

A Truman Show series could be relevant in today's world (as the movie was), given our society's addiction to reality TV and need to document every second of our lives on social media and smartphones. But could you stretch that out over 13 or 22 hours, or several seasons? 

Do you think a Truman Show series could work or not?