Trump turns into a Dalek as Londoners look to Doctor Who for protest inspiration

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Jul 13, 2018, 4:41 PM EDT

Orange hairpiece? Check. Red necktie? check. Mind-probing manipulator arm and bullet-stopping armored casing? For Brits who turned out for today’s London march in opposition of a visit from U.S. President Donald Trump, Doctor Who’s fearsome, humanity-hating Daleks apparently make for the perfect protestor — so check, check, and check. 

The Independent’s Benjamin Kentish covered the "Stop Trump" march against the president along Whitehall in central London, and spotted the Trump-coiffed, completely mobile mutant, making its way down the street flanked by costumed “Secret Service” agents to clear the path. Luckily for us, Kentish and others at the protest have Twitter accounts:

Without delving into the politics and culture clashes behind it all, and going purely on the look of the thing, we’ve gotta admit: Donald Trump and Doctor Who’s Raymond Cusick-created Daleks sport two of the most instantly-recognizable looks on the planet, so when you combine the two, well — it’s pretty much impossible to look away. Well played, nerdy protestors!

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