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Try to escape the smart house from hell in Netflix's new AI thriller Tau

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Jun 19, 2018

If you’re a little wary of smart house technology or Alexa knowing too much about your personal life, the new sci-fi film coming from Netflix might push all the right buttons to freak you out.

Tau is a story about (and the name of) an advanced AI voiced by Gary Oldman that runs mad scientist Alex’s (Ed Skrein) home. When the latter kidnaps Julia (Maika Monroe) to make her a test subject for his creation, Tau is both salvation and tormentor. If only Julia could figure out how to get it on her side...

In the new trailer for Tau, there’s plenty of the technological, experiment-driven premise that made Ex Machina such a freaky Twilight Zone of an experience along with plenty of “escape the house” imagery that harkens to the best kind of home invasion thrillers and science fiction horror like the Cube series.

Take a look:

Oldman is giving a little bit of a sadistic C-3PO performance as Tau, while Monroe’s solidifying herself as a go-to lead for spooky thrills after appearing in It Follows and The Guest. And there’s no denying the red-tinted references to 2001: A Space Odyssey. The way Tau says “Julia” already gives off major HAL vibes. Yikes.

Tau hits Netflix on June 29.

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