Try to holster your excitement over this detailed Han Solo blaster replica

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Apr 12, 2017, 5:21 PM EDT

Whether you grew up believing that the scruffy-looking Star Wars smuggler shot first or not, there's no argument over the amazing detail in this authentic, screen-accurate Han Solo DL-44 Blaster replica by Todd Coyle that took two full years to research and craft.

“We wanted to make the most thorough replica that we could possibly make,” Coyle told io9. “If it could be reproduced, we wanted to reproduce it. Our interest leans more toward reproducing the actual prop as closely as possible, and less towards ‘enhancements’ like lights, sounds, shooting airsoft pellets, etc. that take it in the direction of an expensive toy.”

Coyle took exhaustive means to collect visual references and historical documents explaining how the actual prop was created, then hunted down parts and/or replicated them to manufacture the iconic Han Solo sidearm. It's available from Todd's Costumes as a new model for $450 each or a "battle-worn" edition for $500, accented with distressed metal taken from references in Star Wars: A New Hope to give it an unprecedented level of realism.

“All parts, except for the Denix Mauser, are made from original materials, custom for us exclusively, including all screws, studs, and nuts,” Coyle added. “The blaster consists of 77 parts, 59 of which are made custom for us. In summary, our replica is the most thorough replica ever attempted.”

Here's the official description:

Our long awaited Han Solo DL-44 Blaster is the result of a year and a half's worth of fanatical research. We've procured all of the original elements that are currently available including Veron model kit cylinders and pushrods, Hensoldt-Wetzlar scopes, and MG-81 flash suppressor and adapter. We've spec'd them all in minute detail. We've searched out the best manufacturers for each of the parts required to duplicate this prop, down to the screws. What we're offering here is incredibly close to the real prop.

How fanatical?  Well, we've reproduced every detail that COULD be reproduced, even those details you will never see. Such as the threaded bull barrel (the original custom Mauser was made for a Frank Sinatra spy movie and included a threaded rifle barrel that could be screwed on.)  Such as the internal scope parts with painted surfaces and bare surfaces exactly as the original scopes. Such as using 3 Veron cylinders to construct the "grille" instead of making an easier, simpler (and cheaper) one piece grille. Yep, now THAT is fanatical!

We offer 2 finishes. "Factory New" (shown on WHITE background) is as the DL-44 would have appeared in the laser gun store display case. "Battle Worn" (shown on BLACK background) is as close as we can come to the finish as used on screen. We do our best to duplicate every scratch and chip that is visible in the reference photos that are available.

We applaud the effort to craft this beautiful Star Wars Blaster and as soon as I can save up enough cash to acquire one, it will be mine!

Have a look at the classic space pistol, the DL-44, in the gallery below and tell us if you think it passes inspection.

(Via io9)