TSA agents confiscate Freddy Krueger glove from a horror fan in Atlanta – read their killer response

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May 25, 2018

We know it's hard to muster any sympathy for Freddy Krueger; after all, the man has pretty much terrorized our dreams ever since he sliced into mainstream cinema in the 1984 slasher classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. But spare a thought for the poor guy when he wanted to go on vacation, because it can't have been easy getting those shiny razor blades through airport security.

One dedicated horror fan got to experience Freddy’s dilemma er, firsthand on a recent journey out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, when they attempted to bring a novelty replica of his iconic glove through a TSA checkpoint. According to the official Instagram account for the Transportation Security Administration, the glove was promptly confiscated after it was discovered in the fan’s carry-on bag.

But luckily for the Freddy fanatic, it seems the TSA agents saw the funny side of it all, after issuing a killer response on Instagram: "It's safe to sleep on Elm Street again. Freddy lost his glove at the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). He got burned after forgetting to take it off before going through the TSA checkpoint." Who knew they had such a good sense of humor?!

TSA pointed out that if you are planning to travel with a joke Freddy glove, then it is best to stow it away in your checked bag. However, "worn out fedoras and tattered green and red sweaters" are allowed.

This would probably be a good time here at SYFY Wire to give readers our own PSA on what not to bring on a plane with you when you’re planning to dress up as your favorite character from the horror genre.

We’d say Pinhead from Clive Baker’s Hellraiser is an absolute no-go; just think of the pile-up you'd cause going through security when they ask you to remove all metal items. And when it comes to weapons, just don’t even bother. But really don't bother if you were thinking of going anywhere near a machete, a chainsaw, a Candyman-esque hook hand or a Jack Torrance-style ax. You're welcome.

Tell us your funny stories that involve dressing up as a genre character in the comments below.

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