Tulip goes looking for trouble in first 5 minutes of Preacher finale

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Jul 31, 2016, 8:09 PM EDT

Preacher will soon be airing the last episode of its first season, a ten-episode run that has seen, among other things, battles with angels, as well as our protagonist Preacher Jesse Custer accidentally send poor Eugene Root to Hell on the word of his command. (“Go to hell.”) Now the last episode will show us whether or not Jesse will use the power of Genesis to compel God to appear.

The show isn't just fun. It's biblically fun.

In this clip, below, we get the first five minutes of the finale, which includes the Annville townspeople getting ready for God’s arrival, a police officer trying to bribe a vampire with blood, and Tulip doing what she does best: going in guns blazing.

In fact, Tulip strikes me as one of the best female characters on television. Played by Ruth Negga--who formerly played a woman nicknamed “Flowers” on Agents of SHIELD--Tulip is smart and sassy. She can kick ass and take names with style and a smile. 

And doors don’t stand in her way when she’s looking to rescue her ex-boyfriend Jesse. Where she's going, she doesn't need doors.

Via DreadCentral.