Tune up for the epic tussle and listen to the entire Batman v Superman score right now!

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Mar 18, 2016

Give your ears some heroic indulgences today by listening to the full score of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and imagine the boisterous brawl unfolding in your mind.

Director Zack Snyder went back to his superstar racehorse, Hans Zimmer (Man of Steel), to set the tone for his new movie, opening next week, adding the wizardry of Dutch composer and sonic engineer Junkie XL, who was hired to retool the Batman theme with Zimmer, to avoid repetition or conflict with Zimmer's iconic Batman theme, which he wrote for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy.

This score is rife with Zimmer's trademark operatic qualities and echoes of Man of Steel but stands confidently on its own, with some interesting aural oddities courtesy of his collaboration with Junkie XL.


Sit back and enjoy all 13 tracks in the Spotify streaming link below and tell us if you like it and if you'll be glued to your seat when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D on March 25.

(Via Collider)

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