Turn electrons into words for Skeptologists!

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Apr 8, 2008

Hey my BABlogge minions--

Want to be a part of The Skeptologists? We shot a lot of footage last week when we filmed* the pilot, and we are in need of someone (or really many someones) to help us transcribe it. Basically, we need someone who can listen to the raw video footage and transcribe all the dialog verbatim.

We can provide samples and format in timecoded DVDs or VHS tapes. Because of the nature of the show, you'll need to sign a confidentiality statement, too, so if you leak info on the show we can force feed you wheatgrass juice. Trust me, it's better to keep quiet.

If you want to help please contact Milena at New Rule Productions: milena "at" newrule "dot" com or call her at 805-938-1106.

Thanks folks!

* Actually, it was all digital, so no film was involved. Someday our language will catch up with technology.

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