Turns out Lindelof rewrote a LOT more than just World War Z's ending

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Jun 21, 2013, 9:46 AM EDT (Updated)

It’s well-documented that Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard were brought in to work the kinks out of World War Z, but now it sounds like they had an even bigger role in reworking this weekend’s zombie epic.

Minor spoilers ahead for some specific scenes!

The Huffington Post has a new report breaking down the differences between the original script and the final draft, and apparently Lindelof and Goddard reworked the beginning of the film and two (apparently critical) character moments that help break up the action and add some character development.

Here’s an excerpt from their report, which details the additional scenes:

“World War Z opens with Lane and his wife, Karen (Mireille Enos), being awakened by their daughters, Rachel and Constance. The next scene finds the family in the kitchen eating breakfast as reports of the first ‘rabies’ (i.e. zombie) outbreak is announced on the television. Our source confirms that these two scenes were part of the rewrite, as well, and did not appear in the original film...

Two other, later scenes were added as well. In one, Lane, who is driving the family from Philadelphia to Newark, New Jersey, in a commandeered RV, has to pull over to treat Rachel's asthma attack. In the other, Lane phones Karen during a plane ride from South Korea to Jerusalem.”

Of course, in addition to these additional bits, we already knew that Lindelof essentially rewrote the entire final act of the film. If you’re looking for the “dividing line” this weekend when you’re watching the flick, the new ending kicks in when Brad Pitt’s character boards a plane on a Jerusalem tarmac. From there, it’s all Lindelof and Goddard until the screen goes black.

Do you plan on checking out World War Z this weekend?

(Via The Huffington Post)

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