Turns out Spider-Man is already doing better than The Avengers

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Dec 17, 2012

We still have to wait a day to see The Amazing Spider-Man, but the flick's already open in several overseas markets and it's doing great. How great? Well, in at least one of those markets it managed to top the opening weekend of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Peter Parker and company swung into Korea this past weekend to earn $13.4 million, a haul 10 percent larger than The Avengers' opening weekend and 24 percent larger than Spider-Man 3. In India the flick earned $6 million, positively creaming The Avengers' opening weekend there by 73 percent. And in case you're wondering how that number matches other superheroes, that $6 million is more than double the money The Dark Knight earned at the Indian box office ... ever.

Overall the film took in a bit more than $50 million in 13 overseas markets in Asia and Europe (very few in Europe, though, as the Euro Cup football matches were still in full swing this past weekend). Compare that to the $178.4 million Avengers earned in 39 overseas markets its first weekend out, and Spidey's not doing too shabby at all.

So can The Amazing Spider-Man top The Avengers here in the U.S.? Maybe not, but these numbers are definitely proof that Marvel's great year didn't end in May.

(Via Deadline)