Calm down: Turns out Justice League hasn't found a director after all

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Dec 17, 2012

Yesterday we heard that Warner Bros. was sitting down with a potential director for its long-awaited Justice League movie, and the name of the director made some (OK, many) fans very nervous (OK, angry). But now it seems Ben Affleck's meeting with WB may have really just been a meeting.

Deadline's Mike Fleming reported late yesterday that he knew about Affleck's potential meeting with Warners days ago, but that he didn't write about it because he'd already heard from Affleck's reps that Affleck definitely wasn't interested in anything more than taking a meeting. And while it seems silly for someone to head into a meeting already intending to say no, that's Hollywood.

Fleming also postulates that, since Christopher Nolan has already very publicly expressed his interest in moving on from directing superhero films, Warners may have at some point offered the flick to its other golden boy: Harry Potter director David Yates. Of course, Yates doesn't seem interested either, so Warners is moving on to other options, and Affleck seemed like a legitimate one. After all, in the last few years he's established himself as a serious director with Gone Baby Gone and The Town, and his forthcoming Argo is expected to only enhance that reputation.

But many comic book fans are still wary of Affleck after his turn as Daredevil, so maybe it's for the best that he's not intending to move forward on this. Still, Warners needs to get moving, especially now that Marvel's locked down Joss Whedon for Avengers 2 and possibly a whole lot more.

So if not Affleck, who? Who's your dream Justice League director? If Nolan and Yates have passed, what other powerhouse can Warner Bros. turn to?

(Via Deadline)