TV THIS WEEK: Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block premiere, new Black Lightning, Lucifer and more

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Feb 5, 2018, 10:00 AM EST

The time-hopping Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are going on a mini-hiatus the next few weeks, but The CW’s super-slate is all new — and we have a frightening new series that looks more than capable of scaring up a few horror fans in the meantime.

SYFY is launching its latest horror anthology series, Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block, which looks to be a grisly new tale for fans of everything that goes bump in the night. The aforementioned DC slate of Black Lightning, Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl are all fresh, plus several Fox genre shows like The X-Files and Lucifer. Beyond, Falling Water, Supernatural, and The Librarians are also dropping fresh episodes this week.

If you have been keeping up with Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, the season finale also hits this week. So if you’ve been waiting for the entire series to load up before subscribing for a binge, now’s the time.

Check out our full rundown and let us know what you’ll be watching this week.


Lucifer (Fox), Monday 8PM - "My Brother's Keeper"

When Chloe and Lucifer's investigation into the murder of a diamond thief points to one of Ella's brothers as the main suspect, Ella is driven to prove her brother's innocence and recruits an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Linda is upset when Charlotte comes to her for help, and Detective Pierce hashes out his issues with Amenadiel.


Black Lightning (The CW), Tuesday 9PM - "Black Jesus"

Black Lightning is recruited to rally against The 100 gang. Anissa investigates the new drug hitting the streets. Meanwhile, familiar faces begin to reappear.


The X-Files (Fox), Wednesday 8PM - "Kitten"

Skinner goes AWOL when his past comes back to haunt him. As Mulder and Scully try to track him down, their growing mistrust of him reaches its apex.


Channel Zero: Butcher's Block (SYFY), Wednesday 10PM - "Insidious Onset"

SERIES PREMIERE: Alice moves to a new city and learns about a series of disappearances that may be connected to a rumor about mysterious staircases in the city's neighborhoods.


Arrow (The CW), Thursday 9PM - "The Devil's Greatest Trick"

Cayden James discovers a secret about the Green Arrow that pushes him over the edge. Knowing everyone and everything he loves is in danger, Oliver must decide if he can do this alone or if he needs to turn to his old teammates for help. William starts to demand more of Oliver's time.


Lucifer (Fox), Monday 8PM - "My Brother's Keeper"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Supergirl (The CW), Monday 8PM - "Both Sides Now"

The DEO captures a second Worldkiller, Purity. Supergirl and Alex use very different methods of interrogation with Purity in the hopes of finding out how to defeat Reign. However, Purity escapes and attacks the city's subway tunnels. Meanwhile, J'onn, Winn, and Mon-El band together to fix the Legion ship.


Scorpion (CBS), Monday 10PM - "Nerd, Wind and Fire"

On Valentine's Day, Team Scorpion must set aside their romantic plans to help a doctor and pilot trapped inside a helicopter that crashed atop a skyscraper. Also, Toby and Happy wait for news on their fertility results, and Sylvester realizes that he may have feelings for Florence.


The Flash (The CW), Tuesday 8PM - "True Colors"

After hearing that Amunet has struck a deal to buy all of the metahumans in Iron Heights, Barry must decide if he should expose his powers in order to save his cellmates. After a visit from an old friend, Ralph is reminded of his shady past and wonders if he's really a changed man.


Black Lightning (The CW), Tuesday 9PM - "Black Jesus"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


Riverdale (The CW), Wednesday 8PM - "Chapter Twenty-Six: The Tell-Tale Heart"

Betty turns to Jughead for help when the consequences of a hasty decision come back to haunt her. Veronica organizes a face-to-face meeting after tensions between Hiram, FP, and Jughead spiral out of control. Elsewhere, Archie is forced to make a tough decision after Agent Adams takes things one step too far.


The Librarians (TNT), Wednesday 8PM - "And the Echoes of Memory"

In the Season 4 finale, the world morphs into a horrible and unrecognizable place—one where the Library never existed—and it's up to Baird to bring the Librarians together before the bleak, knowledge-less world becomes the new reality.


The X-Files (Fox), Wednesday 8PM - "Kitten"

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The Magicians (SYFY), Wednesday 9PM - "A Life In The Day"

Julia helps Alice navigate a personal crisis as Quentin and Eliot go on an adventure.


Channel Zero: Butcher's Block (SYFY), Wednesday 10PM - "Insidious Onset"

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Beyond (Freeform), Thursday 8PM - "Six Feet Deep"

Holden's sleepwalking leads him and Luke to unearth a new clue in deciphering the meaning behind Holden's Realm-fueled nightmares.


Supernatural (The CW), Thursday 8PM - "Devil's Bargain"

Sam, Dean, and Castiel search for Lucifer, who, meanwhile, strikes an unlikely deal with a local faith healer named Sister Jo. Asmodeus inches closer to finding Jack.


Arrow (The CW), Thursday 9PM - "The Devil's Greatest Trick"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


The Winter Olympics are ramping up on NBC, and there’s not a whole lot of fresh genre competition to try and take them on. That said, there are still a few things worth checking out. SYFY has a big block of Futurama, IFC has Spaceballs, and FX is showing Iron Man 3. Nothing too earth-shattering, but some decent counter-programming comfort food.


Ghost Adventures (Travel), Saturday 9PM - "Extra Pulses: Leslie's Family Tree"

The crew travels to Santaquin, Utah, to investigate a restaurant with a bloody connection to a war between the Native Americans and the Mormons.

Falling Water (USA), Saturday 10PM - "Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons"

Tess and Alex try to convince the rescued dreamer to testify. Taka and Burton pressure Nicholas Hull to flip on Taylor Bennett, as Bennett approaches Bill Boerg.


The Dead Files (Travel), Saturday 10PM - "Deadly Reflections - Waxahachie, Texas"

Steve and Amy travel to Waxahachie, Texas, to investigate a widow's claim that the paranormal killed her husband and is targeting her daughter. During her walk, Amy finds an evil mass and mirrors acting as a pathway for the dead.


The season finale of Star Trek: Discovery drops on CBS All Access, if you have the streaming service. Beyond that, there are still a few things worth watching:

Counterpart (STARZ), Sunday 8PM - "Both Sides Now"

Both Howards deepen their investigation of the conspiracy; Quayle meets one of Howard's sources; Clare must decide what to do about Baldwin.