TV THIS WEEK: Legion premieres, Walking Dead is back, Arrowverse is all new and more

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Jan 3, 2019, 4:00 PM EST (Updated)

The highlight of this week is certainly the launch of the FX series Legion, from acclaimed producer Noah Hawley (Fargo). It's riding a mountain of positive buzz and could be one of the most interesting genre shows of the year.

Along with that debut, all of the shows in the Arrowverse are new, and there's also a new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a new Timeless. Oh, and of course The Walking Dead is back for its midseason premiere. Syfy's two flagship shows The Expanse and The Magicians are also debuting new episodes this week (seriously, home team or not, The Expanse is killin' it right now).

Check out our full breakdown below and set your DVR accordingly.



Timeless (NBC), Monday 10PM - "The Lost Generation"

Lucy struggles with her newfound identity as Flynn vanishes to 1927 France on the day that Charles Lindbergh completes his transatlantic flight. Rufus, Lucy and their new soldier race through Paris with a young Ernest Hemingway to keep history intact. Also: A despondent Wyatt receives a visit from Agent Christopher.

Timeless 1x14 Promo "The Lost Generation" (HD)


DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), Tuesday 9PM - "Turncoat"

The Legends travel to the winter of 1776 to protect George Washington and the American Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned and Sara sends out Nate and Amaya to help. Meanwhile, Jax and Stein, who are busy protecting the incapacitated Waverider from their new enemy, are forced to step into roles for which they feel unprepared.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2x11 Promo "Turncoat" (HD) Season 2 Episode 11 Promo


Legion (FX), Wednesday 10PM - "Chapter 1"

In the series premiere, a troubled young man battling mental illness wonders if the visions he experiences are real following a strange encounter with a fellow patient.

Ask Marvel: Dan Stevens from Legion on FX


The Expanse (Syfy), Wednesday 10PM - "Static"

Holden and Miller butt heads about how the raid was handled.

The Expanse 2x03 Promo "Static"  [HD] Season 2 Episode 3 Promo


The Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9PM - "Rock in the Road"

Rick and the group are led to a new community where they're introduced to its inhabitants and ruler; and a familiar face resurfaces.

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Midseason Premiere Promo

Monday, February 6

Shadowhunters (Freeform), Monday 8PM - "Iron Sisters"

Clary and Isabelle visit the Iron Sisters in search of information regarding Valentine's plan. Elsewhere, Simon and Maia search for Luke, who went missing during the attack on the Institute; and Magnus and Alec go on their first date.

Shadowhunters 2x06 Sneak Peek #2 "Iron Sisters" (HD) Season 2 Episode 6 Sneak Peek #2 Malec's Date


Supergirl (The CW), Monday 8PM - "The Martian Chronicles"

Armek arrives in National City intent on taking M'gann back to Mars to face her punishment as a traitor. Thinking she'll be safe at the DEO, Hank and Supergirl are in for a startling surprise when shapeshifter Armek is in the building and under disguise.

Supergirl | The Martian Chronicles Trailer | The CW


Beyond (Freeform), Monday 9PM - "The Hour of the Wolf"

Holden embarks on a road trip with Charlie to learn how to better control his abilities. Meanwhile, Shoemacher orders Yellow Jacket to capture Holden; Luke seeks answers to Holden's behavior; Tom uncovers a connection between his family and Hollow Sky; and Diane doubts her previous choices.

Beyond 1x07 Promo "The Hour of the Wolf" (HD)


Scorpion (CBS), Monday 10PM - "Sharknerdo"

Walter and Paige end up stranded in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by sharks after their boat explodes during the team's mission to locate sunken treasure.

Scorpion - Sharknerdo (Sneak Peek 1)


Timeless (NBC), Monday 10PM - "The Lost Generation"

See more in our Highlights section above.


Tuesday, February 7

The Flash (The CW), Tuesday 8PM - "Untouchable"

Barry and the team at S.T.A.R. Labs work together to bring down Clive Yorkin, a criminal meta-human who is methodically killing people by causing them to decompose at an accelerated rate. Joe becomes his next target, but it's Iris who is caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, the Flash mentors Kid Flash and begins to elevate the newer speedster's training to another level.

The Flash | Untouchable Trailer | The CW


DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), Tuesday 9PM - "Turncoat"

See more in our Highlights section above.

Bones (Fox), Tuesday 9PM - "The Final Chapter: The Flaw in the Saw"

The dismembered body of a well-known golfer who became a lumberjack takes the team to the Lumber Sports Regional Championships, where they learn about an affair with a married rival that could have led to her murder. Meanwhile, Hodgins looks for evidence that could prove Zack's innocence.

Bones 12x06 Promo "The Flaw in the Saw" (HD)


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), Tuesday 10PM - "BOOM"

An explosive Inhuman surfaces and the team is tasked with containing it. Elsewhere: Coulson and Mack encounter Radcliffe's inspiration for Aida.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD 4x13 Sneak Peek "BOOM" (HD) Season 4 Episode 13 Sneak Peek

Wednesday, February 8

Arrow (The CW), Wednesday 8PM - "Bratva"

A mission takes Oliver, Felicity and the team to Russia, where they meet up with Oliver's old friend, Anatoly. Meanwhile, fresh out of rehab, Lance returns to the mayor's office ready to get back to work. However, when Susan asks for an interview with Lance to discuss his addiction, he balks and it's up to Rene to help keep things on track.

Arrow | Bratva Trailer | The CW


Blindspot (NBC), Wednesday 8PM - "Name Not One Man"

Shepherd's true identity is uncovered by the team, as well as her decades-old connection to Weller.



The 100 (The CW), Wednesday 9PM - "Heavy Lies the Crown"

Clarke and Bellamy feel the burden of leading when they're forced to decide who will live and die.

The 100 | Heavy Lies The Crown Trailer | The CW


The Magicians (Syfy), Wednesday 9PM - "Divine Elimination"

Quentin and his friends prepare to face the Beast again while Julia conspires with the Beast and their new ally to lure and trap Reynard.

The Magicians 2x03 Promo "Divine Elimination" (HD) Season 2 Episode 3 Promo


Legion (FX), Wednesday 10PM - "Chapter 1"

See more in our Highlights section above.

The Expanse (Syfy), Wednesday 10PM - "Static"

See more in our Highlights section above.


Thursday, February 9

Supernatural (The CW), Thursday 8PM - "Regarding Dean"

Sam enlists Rowena's help to track down a powerful family of witches after Dean gets hit by a spell that is rapidly erasing his memory.

Supernatural | Regarding Dean Trailer | The CW


The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Thursday 8PM - "The Locomotion Reverberation"

With Sheldon hindering progress on the guidance-system project, Leonard and Stuart figure the only way they can get back on track is to engineer a distraction by getting him tickets to a historic railroad. Meanwhile, Penny and Amy spirit away new-mommy Bernadette for a girls' night out, leaving baby Halley in the hands of Raj and Stuart.

The Big Bang Theory - The Locomotion Reverberation (Extended Preview)


Powerless (NBC), Thursday 8:30PM - "Wayne Dream Team"

With a new product idea greenlit, Emily tries to get her team inspired but can't seem to break through their obsession with Fantasy Super Hero League. Meanwhile, Van is on a mission to be included in the Wayne Dream Team photo.

Powerless (NBC) "Team Wayne Security" Promo HD - Vanessa Hudgens comedy series


Riverdale (The CW), Thursday 9PM - "Chapter Three: Body Double"

New information about Jason's death is uncovered and Cheryl comes under suspicion; a difficult decision leads to strain on Archie's relationship with Miss Grundy; and Betty revives the school newspaper and seeks Jughead's help in looking into the death. Meanwhile, Veronica and Ethel hear rumors of a "shame book" written by the school's football players; and, after getting grounded, Archie looks for a way out to attend an event where Josie and the Pussycats are to perform a song he co-wrote.

Riverdale | Chapter Three: Body Double Trailer | The CW


Colony (USA), Thursday 10PM - "Company Man"

Will returns to an unfamiliar workplace. At home, Katie tries to stay on her best behavior. Broussard and his cell make a startling discovery about the Wall.

Colony 2x05 Promo "Company Man" (HD)

Friday, February 10

Grimm (NBC), Friday 8PM - "Breakfast in Bed"

A mysterious Wesen turns sleepless nights into pure insanity. The investigation begins when Nick, Hank and Wu are called to a local hotel where a grisly murder has taken place, which leads them to a guest who claims to be haunted by a frightening creature. Meanwhile, at the Spice Shop, Monroe, Rosalee and Eve continue to research the origins of the symbols on the cloth; and Capt. Renard finds it difficult to escape his past transgressions.

Grimm 6x06 Promo "Breakfast in Bed" (HD) Season 6 Episode 6 Promo


MacGyver (CBS), Friday 8PM - "Magnifying Glass"

Matty's family is targeted as his goddaughter and her boyfriend are murdered and the team begins think the infamous 1970s Zodiac Killer has returned.

The Vampire Diaries (The CW), Friday 8PM - "What Are You?"

Damon makes a deal with Cade to retrieve the Maxwell journal in an effort to save Stefan's soul, but Alaric and Matt refuse to hand the journal over because it may contain the key to destroying Cade. Meanwhile, Caroline desperately tries to connect with Stefan before Cade goes through with his plan.

The Vampire Diaries | What Are You? Trailer | The CW


Emerald City (NBC), Friday 9PM - "They Came First"

The Wizard launches an attack on a village as his power is threatened and enlists West to help. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Lucas fight to keep Silvie safe; and Langwidere grapples with her new authority as her relationship with Jack grows complicated.

Emerald City 1x07 Promo "They Came First" (HD)


Sleepy Hollow (Fox), Friday 9PM - "Homecoming"

The search for the talisman leads the team to believe it may be hidden in plain sight. Later, Jenny and Ichabod return to Sleepy Hollow to revisit noteworthy parts of their past.

Sleepy Hollow 4x06 Promo "Homecoming" (HD)

Saturday, February 11

Dragon Ball Super (Cartoon Network), Saturday 8PM - "Don't Anger the God of Destruction! The Nerve-wracking Birthday Party"

The latest installment in the fan favorite anime.

Mortal Kombat (IFC), Saturday 8PM

This 1995 video game adaptation makes for an outside-the-box option on a relatively slow night for new sci-fi fare.


Sunday, February 12

Son of Zorn (Fox), Sunday 8:30PM - "The Quest for Craig"

Craig runs off to get perspective on his relationship with Edie, so the gang takes a road trip to find him. Elsewhere: Alan becomes popular at school because of his Zephyrian legs, but not everyone is impressed.

The Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9PM - "Rock in the Road"

Check out our Highlights section above for more.

Black Sails (Starz), Sunday 9PM - "XXXI"

Max has a run-in with the law; Rogers reckons with the past; Flint and Madi come to an understanding; and Long John Silver returns.

Black Sails 4x03 Promo "XXXI" (HD) Season 4 Episode 3 Promo