TV THIS WEEK: The Magicians premieres, new S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Files, The Good Place and more

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Dec 18, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

Brakebills is back this week as SYFY's The Magicians returns for its third season of sexy dark magic shenanigans. That's it for premieres, and The CW's super lineup is still on hiatus — but there are a whole lot of other great genre shows already back for 2018.

ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues a fantastic run this season as the team tries to save the world in space, while The X-Files' 11th season continues after a lackluster premiere both critically and ratings-wise last week. NBC's hit fantasy sitcom The Good Place is also new this week, along with USA's Falling Water, SYFY's Superstition, NBC's Blindspot, and Fox's The Last Man on Earth.

If you're wanting to catch a movie, it's the perfect schedule for post-Disney/Fox fallout. The Avengers, X2: X-Men United, and Ant-Man are all hitting cable this week. It's a great way to prep for the inevitable crossovers.

Check out our rundown below and let us know what you'll be watching.


The X-Files (Fox), Wednesday 8PM - "This"

An old friend reaches out to Mulder and Scully in a seemingly impossible way, revealing a chilling secret.


The Magicians (SYFY), Wednesday 9PM - "The Tales of the Seven Keys"

SEASON PREMIERE: Quentin tries to find someone who can bring magic back; Julia explores her small, but significant, gift; Eliot and Margo struggle under the hostile fairy occupation; Kady searches for a way to heal Penny.


The Good Place (NBC), Thursday 8:30PM - "Best Self"

Michael finds himself in a bind. Meanwhile, Eleanor sparks an idea that has Chidi, Tahani, Jason, and even Janet laying their feelings on the line.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), Friday 9PM - "Together or Not At All"

Just as the team reunites, they become prey to an undefeated Kree warrior who is bent on killing them all.


The Last Man on Earth (Fox), 9:30PM - "Nizzle Pizzy in a Dizzle Stizzy"

Tandy and Todd introduce newcomer Karl to the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, the group searches for Jasper, who has gone missing.


The big story tonight is the College Football Playoff Championship game between Alabama and Georgia. Most eyeballs will be on ESPN for that one, meaning most genre shows opted to take the night off from new episodes. If you're not cheering for the Tide or Dawgs, though, there are still a few things worth checking out.

Fantastic Four (FX), Monday 8PM

It's a slow night. If you're a true glutton for punishment perhaps consider the critically blasted Fantastic Four remake that hit in 2015. The cast was decent, the movie was pretty bad. But with Disney preparing to take over Marvel's First Family, it's never a bad time for a refresher on the characters.

Futurama (SYFY), Monday Primetime

SYFY will be running a few hours of Futurama reruns on the night if you're in the mood for geeky comfort food and all out of fresh stuff to stream. You could do far worse than Bender's shiny metal … you know what.


Another slow night, as The CW's superhero lineup continues its mini-hiatus before the super-onslaught returns. Looking to Hulu, there's a new episode of the Marvel series Runaways, and that's pretty much it as far as new stuff goes.

X2: X-Men United (AMC), Tuesday 8PM

The X-Men are likely poised for a full-fledged reboot at some point now that Disney has acquired the franchise from Fox, but that doesn't make this fantastic sequel any less awesome. X2 is still one of the best superhero flicks ever made, and paved the way for the MCU.


The Avengers (SYFY), Tuesday 9PM

We'll be cheering for pretty much all of Marvel's heroes when the Avengers assemble for Infinity War later this year, but go back to where it all began with Marvel's first team-up if you're looking for something you're guaranteed to enjoy for the night.


The Librarians (TNT), Wednesday 8PM - "And the Hidden Sanctuary"

After Cassandra freezes up during a mission, she decides it's past time to go on a vacation. Searching for her ideal town, she lands on Havenport, the "Safest Town in America." At first blush, it seems just what she needed.


The X-Files (Fox), Wednesday 8PM - "This"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

The Magicians (SYFY), Wednesday 9PM - "The Tales of the Seven Keys"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Vikings (History), Wednesday 9PM - "The Joke"

The battle for Kattegat begins, and as the two armies line up to fight, the Great Heathen Army must decide between a final plea for peace or all-out war. Meanwhile, Floki faces discord among the settlers.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Thursday 8PM - "The Solo Oscillation"

When Sheldon kicks Amy out to work solo, she and Leonard bond during a series of science experiments. Also, Bert the geologist replaces Wolowitz in the band Footprints on the Moon, and Sheldon finds Penny a surprising source of scientific inspiration.


The Good Place (NBC), Thursday 8:30PM - "Best Self"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Superstition (SYFY), Thursday 10:55PM - "Back to One"

The Hastings family are trapped in a time loop, designed to result in their deaths, unless they can find the root of the loop and break the spell.


Blindspot (NBC), Friday 8PM - "Hot Burning Flames"

After some personal strife, the team must find a way to work together to track down missing nuclear warheads.


MacGyver (CBS), Friday 8PM - "CO2 Sensor + Tree Branch"

While Mac participates in a challenge for government operatives to create robotic combat machines, Mac must help his biggest competitor, Allie, when her vehicle is hacked and heads to the Pentagon. Also, Jack attends his high school reunion, hoping for a showdown with his old rival, who beat him out for homecoming king.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), Friday 9PM - "Together or Not At All"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


Ghost Adventures (Travel), Saturday 9PM-  "The Slaughter House"

The crew travel to Arizona to investigate the Slaughter House, a meat packing plant turned haunted attraction. Rapper Post Malone joins the lockdown and Zak is affected by dark energy, leading to a marathon of paranormal activity.

Falling Water (USA), Saturday 10PM - "Watchers"

Tess faces off with an intruder. Burton encounters a ghost from his past. Taka realizes his mother's dreams may hold the key to solving his case.



If you've plunked down the cash for CBS All Access, a new episode of Star Trek: Discovery drops tonight. The series has been a mixed bag for fans, but the network already has a second season lined up, so no time like the present to jump in.

Ant-Man (TNT), Sunday 8PM

One of Marvel's underappreciated gems, the small-scale heist story of Ant-Man is hitting cable in case you've been wanting to catch this one again on TV.


The Last Man on Earth (Fox), 9:30PM - "Nizzle Pizzy in a Dizzle Stizzy"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


*TV episode information via TV Guide.