TV THIS WEEK: The Strain and Preacher season finales, the Emmys and more

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Sep 11, 2017

The biggest story this week is the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, and the sci-fi hit Westworld looks poised to bring home plenty of little statues. Beyond that, there’s a whole lot of good horror.

AMC’s Preacher wraps up its second season, and Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain ends its series run with pretty much all of humanity at stake. FX is dropping a scary new episode of American Horror Story: Cult, along with a new Fear the Walking Dead. Beyond that, Seth MacFarlane’s fledgeling sci-fi dramedy The Orville drops its second episode (which is an improvement over the uneven pilot), and there’s also a new Face Off: Game Face and People of Earth.

Check out our picks below, and let us know what you’ll be watching this week:


Preacher (AMC), Monday 9 p.m. - “The End of the Road”

SEASON FINALE: In the Season 2 finale, the trio prepare for a new life, as Jesse questions the path ahead; Tulip uncovers a dangerous secret; and Cassidy grapples with a difficult truth.

American Horror Story: Cult (FX), Tuesday 10 p.m. - “Don't Be Afraid of the Dark”

NEW: Episode 2 dives more deeply and chillingly into Ally's debilitating clulrophobia and Kai's post-election-night terrorizing.

69th Primetime Emmy Awards (CBS), Sunday 8 p.m.

NEW: Stephen Colbert hosts the 69th annual gala from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Westworld and Saturday Night Live lead all nominees with 22 each. Appearing: Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman, Jim Parsons, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and more.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9 p.m. - “La Serpiente”

NEW: Following the rekindling of an old friendship, a mission is launched to replenish the Ranch's water supply by seeking the help of another community.

The Strain (FX), Sunday 10 p.m. - “The Last Stand”

SERIES FINALE: Quinlan devises a desperate plan, but the costs are enormous. Eph wrestles with his conscience; Fet undertakes a suicide mission; and Dutch and Gus dig in for battle as humankind makes its final stand against the Master and his Strain.



Preacher (AMC), Monday 9 p.m. - “The End of the Road”

See more in our “Highlights” section above.

Midnight, Texas (NBC), Monday 10 p.m. - “Last Temptation of Midnight”

NEW: A faceless supernatural makes a pilgrimage to Midnight to usher in the arrival of a demon from the veil to Hell—the same demon that has been plaguing Fiji. Meanwhile, the Midnighters struggle to fight the effects of the veil to Hell opening in their town, especially Lem and the Rev, whose hunger increases to dangerous levels. Olivia and Bobo make plans of their own to protect the town. Elsewhere, Creek struggles in the face of great loss as Manfred confronts his constant self medicating.

People of Earth (TBS), Monday 10:30 p.m. - “Alien Experiencer Expo”

NEW: The group attends an alien experiencer convention; Gina meets one of her therapy heroes; Gerry and Yvonne have their first fight; Richard tries to prove to Agent Foster that aliens do exist; and both Chelsea and Agent Foster receive unexpected news.


Face Off: Game Face (SYFY), Tuesday 9 p.m.

NEW: The artists must create beautiful plant-human hybrids, superheroes inspired by Marvel's Infinity Stones, and Bogeymen based on their own childhood fears.

American Horror Story: Cult (FX), Tuesday 10 p.m. - “Don't Be Afraid of the Dark”

See more in our “Highlights” section above.



Salvation (CBS), Wednesday 9 p.m. - “The Wormwood Prophecy”

NEW: Darius, Grace, and Harris join forces to prove the president was murdered.

Midnight, Texas (NBC), Wednesday 10 p.m. - “Riders on the Storm”

NEW: An apocalyptic sandstorm engulfs Midnight, concealing wraith-like demonic spirits heralding the arrival of a demon from Hell. Fiji knows this demon wants her and Bobo vows to protect her, while wondering why the demon has targeted Fiji and no one else. Manfred, Joe, and the Rev dig for answers from the past, but when the storm gets too dangerous, Manfred leads the Midnighters to an unlikely hiding spot outside of town. Olivia confronts Lem about their relationship, and Creek helps Manfred.

The Lowe Files (A&E), Wednesday 10 p.m. - “Mind Games”

NEW: The guys visit Santa Barbara, California to master the top secret art of Remote Viewing, described as the ability to see one another despite being miles apart.



The Dark Knight Rises (Spike), Thursday 8 p.m.

In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne dons the Batman costume once again as the Dark Knight in order to battle Catwoman and Bane, a fierce foe possessed of tremendous physical and intellectual strength.

Zoo (CBS), Thursday 10 p.m. - “West Side Story”

NEW: The team's plane suffers a catastrophic accident in the hybrid zone, so Dariela and Tessa set out on a rescue mission to save those aboard.



The Sixth Sense (SYFY), Friday 8:30 p.m.

A child psychologist comes to the aid of a tormented boy who has visions of the dead. As the sympathetic doctor digs deeper into the child's strange powers, it leads to unexpected consequences for both of them

Ancient Aliens (History), Friday 9 p.m. - “Return to Gobekli Tepe”

NEW: The ancient site of Gobekli Tepe challenges everything modern archaeologists believe about mankind's past, including possible extraterrestrial visitors.

Kindred Spirits (TLC), Friday 9 p.m. - “The Legacy of Lizzie Borden”

SEASON PREMIERE: The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts, is visited in the Season 2 premiere, which follows Amy and Adam as they try to help a tourguide who believes her grandparents' spirits are in the house trying to protect her from impending tragedy.


Marvel’s Spider-Man (Disney XD), Saturday 7 a.m. - “Sandman,” “Symbiotic Relationship,” “Stark Expo”

NEW: Spider-Man meets Sandman and helps him reunite with his estranged daughter with some assistance from the Venom symbiote.

The Incredibles (Freeform), Saturday 6:45 p.m.

The adventures of a superhero crimefighter and his family, who return to adventuring after spending years living "normal" lives.

Wall-E (Disney XD), Saturday 7 p.m.

Oscar-winning CGI-animated delight, set on a wasteland Earth circa 2800, where the last robot on the planet, a centuries-old trash compactor named WALL-E, romances a sleek, high-tech android.

The Dead Files (Travel), Saturday 10 p.m. - “Shattered - Sinclairville, New York”

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Sinclairville, New York, where a mother of two believes paranormal activity is responsible for the disintegration of her marriage and physical attacks on her children. Their investigation uncovers a mysterious entity that is causing the dead to lash out at the living.



69th Primetime Emmy Awards (CBS), Sunday 8 p.m.

See more in our “Highlights” section above.

Outlander (Starz), Sunday 8 p.m. - “Surrender”

NEW: Hiding in a cave, Jamie leads a lonely life until Lallybroch is threatened by redcoats pursing the elusive Jacobite traitor. In Boston, Claire and Frank struggle to coexist in a marriage haunted by the ghost of Jamie.

Teen Wolf (MTV), Sunday 8 p.m. - “Broken Glass”

NEW: Scott and the others must make a discovery before it’s too late. Scott and Malia prepare for battle while Argent searches for an old ally.

The Orville (Fox), Sunday 8 p.m. - “Command Performance”

NEW: When Ed and Kelly are tricked by a hologram of a ship in distress and find themselves prisoners in a replica of their former home, Alara must step up in her first command of the Orville and attempt a heroic rescue. Meanwhile, Bortus and Klyden receive some happy, yet unexpected news.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9 p.m. - “La Serpiente”

See more in our “Highlights” section above.

The Last Ship (TNT), Sunday 9 p.m. - “Tempest”

NEW: With an enormous storm on the horizon, Nathan James must navigate an equally terrifying threat in order to make it to safety.

The Strain (FX), Sunday 10 p.m. - “The Last Stand”

See more in our “Highlights” section above.

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