TV THIS WEEK: The Walking Dead and Legion wrap up their seasons, Grimm says goodbye for good

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Jun 16, 2017, 9:34 PM EDT (Updated)

This week brings a whole lot of finales, and we have the full run-down.

Legion wraps up its far-too-short debut season, The Walking Dead wraps with an extended season finale, Sleepy Hollow ends its latest season (yes, that show is still on the air) and Grimm bids its final farewell with a series finale. Along with those enders, we also have Kadabra coming to town on The Flash and a jacked-up alternate reality on Legends of Tomorrow.

Dig in, and set your DVR accordingly.


The Flash (The CW), Tuesday 8PM - "Abra Kadabra"

The Flash battles Abra Kadabra, a villain from Earth-19, who offers to reveal Savitar's true identity. Meanwhile, Julian remains cold towards Caitlin, but when she is severely injured in a battle with Gypsy, he rushes to her side.

The Flash | Abra Kadabra Trailer | The CW


Legion (FX), Wednesday 10PM - "Chapter 8"

In the season finale, David faces his biggest challenge yet.

Legion 1x08 Promo "Chapter 8" (HD) Season 1 Episode 8 Promo Season Finale


The Expanse (Syfy), Wednesday 10PM - "Cascade"

Holden leads his crew through the war-torn station on Ganymede.

The Expanse 2x10 Promo "Cascade" (HD) Season 2 Episode 10 Promo


Grimm (NBC), Friday 8PM - "The End"

In the series finale, Nick must look to his ancestors for strength to save the world from a terrifying end as he faces off against a seemingly unbeatable foe. At the Spice Shop, Monroe, Rosalee and Eve search for answers and stumble upon a rare potion that may help the fight. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard and Adalind try to keep Diana and baby Kelly safe as the threat has its eyes set on the children.

Grimm 6x13 Promo "The End" (HD) Season 6 Episode 13 Promo Series Finale


Sleepy Hollow (Fox), Friday 8PM - "Freedom"

In the Season 4 finale, Dreyfuss finally has enough power to infiltrate the White House, and his group of minions now has the strength to take action, so it's up to Team Witness to stop him once and for all.

Sleepy Hollow 4x13 Promo "Freedom" (HD) Season Finale


The Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9PM - "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

EXTENDED SEASON FINALE: The stakes keep mounting higher and higher as different stories clash while the group enacts an intricate plan. It's also an hour and a half long, so make sure you get it all.

The Walking Dead 7x16 Promo "Do It Now" (HD) Season Finale

Monday, March 27

Supergirl (The CW), Monday 8PM - "Distant Sun"

A large bounty is put out on Supergirl as aliens from far and near attack National City intent on taking out the woman of steel; Alex and Maggie run into Maggie's ex-girlfriend, Emily, who is in town for a week; Hank gets an interesting order from President Marsdin.

Supergirl | Distant Sun Trailer | The CW


Bates Motel (A&E), Monday 10PM - "Marion"

Norman checks in a special guest at the motel; Dylan grapples with devastating news; and Sam and Madeleine face a crossroads in their marriage.

Bates Motel: Rihanna as Marion Crane - First Look | Premieres Feb 20 | A&E

Tuesday, March 28

The Flash (The CW), Tuesday 8PM - "Abra Kadabra"

See more in our Highlights section above.

The Flash | Abra Kadabra Trailer | The CW


DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), Tuesday 9PM - "Doomworld"

After obtaining the Spear of Destiny, the Legion of Doom rewrites reality, leaving the Legends changed, perhaps forever. The Legends' and the world's hopes rest with Rory, but being the hero is not easy for him. Meanwhile, tension mounts within the Legion of Doom and the reason why the Spear of Destiny needs to be destroyed is revealed.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow | Doomworld Trailer | The CW


Face Off (Syfy), Tuesday 9PM - "Cursed Covens"

The two teams must create a coven of warlocks or witches at war with each other.

FACE OFF | Season 11, Episode 9: 'Absolutely Disgusting. And Fantastic' | Syfy


Bones (Fox), Tuesday, 9PM - "The Final Chapter: The End in the End"

SERIES FINALE: In the series finale, Kovac is still on the loose as the team looks for evidence to track him down, but they'll have to do it without Brennan after she experiences a setback, and their task isn't made any easier when it appears he's got outside help and a hideout. Series star David Boreanaz directs.

Bones 12x12 Promo "The End in the End" (HD) Series Finale


The Americans (FX), Tuesday 10PM - "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

Philip and Elizabeth have qualms about a new assignment while a specter from Philip's past creates unforeseen dangers. Elsewhere: Stan makes a shocking play that could throw his career into turmoil.

The Americans 5x04 Promo "What's the Matter with Kansas?" (HD) Season 5 Episode 4 Promo

Wednesday, March 29

Arrow (The CW), Wednesday 8PM - "Disbanded"

Diggle and Felicity are shocked by Oliver's decision to call on the Bratva to help take down Prometheus. Concerned the Bratva may overstep, Diggle has a hard conversation with Oliver about what happens if things go south. Meanwhile, Felicity learns something shocking at Helix.

Arrow | Disbanded Trailer | The CW


Blindspot (NBC), Wednesday 8PM - "Solos"

Jane and Oliver get into a dangerous situation, which exposes the secrets they've both been keeping as they remain uncertain about whether they can trust each other. Meanwhile, Weller and the team race to save them.

Blindspot 2x17 Promo "Solos" (HD) Season 2 Episode 17 Promo


The 100 (The CW), Wednesday 9PM - "God Complex"

After a disappointing discovery, Clarke and Abby question how far they're willing to go. Meanwhile, Jaha finds a lead to the mysterious Second Dawn.

The 100 | God Complex Trailer | The CW


The Magicians (Syfy), Wednesday 9PM - "The Girl Who Told Time"

Quentin helps Julia with her search; Eliot endeavors to win over his people as Margo tries to keep a devastating secret; Penny and Kady are caught between two magical factions.

THE MAGICIANS | Season 2, Episode 10: Sneak Peek | Syfy


Legion (FX), Wednesday 10PM - "Chapter 8"

See more in our Highlights section above.

The Expanse (Syfy), Wednesday 10PM - "Cascade"

See more in our Highlights section above.


Thursday, March 30

Supernatural (The CW), Thursday 8PM - "Ladies Drink Free"

Sam and Dean search for a werewolf and let Mick Davies tag along on the case. They soon run into Claire Novak, but their reunion is short-lived after Claire is bitten and the brothers race to find a way to help her before she turns.

Supernatural | Ladies Drink Free Trailer | The CW


The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Thursday 8PM - "The Collaboration Fluctuation"

Raj moves in with Leonard and Penny and a period of adjustment begins for the three while the usually self-centered Sheldon shows surprising interest in Amy's work.

Powerless (NBC), Thursday 8:30PM - "Van of the Year"

Emily deals with Van stealing credit for her generosity at the office. Meanwhile, Teddy pushes Ron to get his new invention to the masses.

Powerless - How to Stand Up to Your Boss (Episode Highlight)


Riverdale (The CW), Thursday 9PM - "Chapter Eight: The Outsiders"

On the verge of starting a construction job, Fred loses his crew, which could jeopardize his livelihood, so Archie rounds up his friends to pitch in and help, but things don't go well. With his secret exposed, Jughead worries about how his friends will take it; Betty and Veronica consider throwing a baby shower for Polly, who is apprehensive in light of knowing how everyone feels.

Riverdale 1x08 Extended Promo "The Outsiders" (HD) Season 1 Episode 8 Extended Promo


Colony (USA), Thursday 10PM - "Seppuku"

Will, Katie and Broussard battle the Red Hand for control of the RAP gauntlet; and Snyder helps Helena regain control over the Los Angeles bloc.

Colony 2x12 Promo "Seppuku" (HD)

Friday, March 31

Grimm (NBC), Friday 8PM - "The End"

See more in our Highlights section above.

MacGyver (CBS), Friday 8PM - "Compass"

Mac and Jack help Mac's close friend from M.I.T. after she fakes her own death to prevent someone from killing her in order to suppress her scientific research.

The Originals (The CW), Friday 8PM - "Haunter of Ruins"

Klaus tries to reconnect with his daughter Hope after five years apart. Meanwhile, Elijah mediates a conflict between Hayley and Freya; and Vincent tells Marcel terrible secrets about his ex -wife, when they search for a witch who plans to sacrifice a group of innocent children, including Hope Mikaelson.

The Originals | Haunter of Ruins Trailer | The CW


Sleepy Hollow (Fox), Friday 8PM - "Freedom"

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Saturday, April 1

Ghost Adventures (Travel), Saturday 8PM - "Freak Show Murder House"

Zak and the crew investigate the site of a 1996 double murder in Los Angeles' Chatsworth neighborhood. The guys gather chilling evidence of paranormal activity and are lured away from the location against their will.

Dragon Ball Super (Cartoon Network), Saturday 8PM - "Goku, Go Beyond Super Saiyan God!"

The battle causes an explosion that blinds everyone on earth but also puts everything as it was prior to the blast.


Sunday, April 2

Once Upon a Time (ABC), Sunday 8PM - "A Wondrous Place"

The latest adventure in the hit fairytale drama.

Once Upon a Time 6x15 Promo "A Wondrous Place" (HD) Season 6 Episode 15 Promo


Making History (Fox), Sunday 8:30PM - "The Touchables"

Needing some cold cash for Deb to purchase an ice-cream parlor, the trio sets out to figure a way to profit from the fixed 1919 Chicago World Series, but their get-rich-quick scheme hits a snag in the form of infamous mobster Al Capone.

Time After Time (ABC), Sunday 9PM - "Caught Up in Circles"

H.G., Vanessa and Jane decide to investigate 'Project Utopia' while Vanessa doesn't realize some of the people in her life are not who they appear to be.

Time After Time 1x06 Promo "Caught Up in Circles" (HD)


The Last Man on Earth (Fox), Sunday 9:30PM - "Point Person Knows Best"

Tandy tries to take charge of a new situation while Carol is suspicious of Todd's behavior.

The Last Man on Earth 3x14 Promo "Point Person Knows Best" (HD)


The Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9PM - "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

See more in our Highlights section above.

Into the Badlands (AMC), Sunday 10:25PM - "Red Sun, Silver Moon"

Sunny and Bajie encounter a dangerous foe who knows Sunny all too well. Elsewhere, the Widow prepares for a deadly showdown; and MK learns a terrible secret.