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TV THIS WEEK: Timeless and Final Space finales, Mark Hamill on Big Bang Theory and more

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May 7, 2018, 2:14 PM EDT (Updated)

This week is light on premieres, but we do get a few season finales — including one geek-friendly sitcom featuring 100 percent more Mark Hamill than usual.

NBC's time travel adventure Timeless wraps up its second season with a two-hour finale that promises big stakes, big history, and big fun. No word on a renewal yet, so savor this one while it's here. Hamill leads a guest star cadre on the season finale of CBS's hit, geeky sitcom The Big Bang Theory. It might not be sci-fi, admittedly, but it can still kill it with the nerd-friendly appearances. TBS's animated sci-fi comedy Final Space also wraps up its first season, so if you've been looking to catch up, having the finale on tap should make this one perfectly bingeable.

As far as new episodes this week, there are a lot. The Flash introduces a whole lot more versions of Harrison Wells; Diaz comes for Oliver's family on Arrow; Supergirl is still battling Worldkillers; The Expanse continues its excellent third season; Krypton is digging deeper into its DC Comics connections; FX's Legion is as twisty as ever; Gotham is going all-in on its Joker mythology; and Fear the Walking Dead continues a surprisingly great renaissance in its new season. Plus a whole lot more.

Check out our full rundown below and let us know what you'll be watching.


Final Space (TBS), Monday 10:30PM - "Chapter Ten"

SEASON FINALE: In the Season 1 finale, an all-out battle ensues as the Lord Commander does everything in his power to capture Mooncake, and stop Gary and Quinn from closing the entrance to Final Space.


The Flash (The CW), Tuesday 8PM - "Harry and the Harrisons"

With DeVoe's Enlightenment device nearly complete, in order to disable it the Flash and his team must put their faith in an unlikely ally—Amunet Black. Meanwhile, Harry hits an all-time low.


The Expanse (SYFY), Wednesday 9PM - "Triple Point"

Admiral Souther's men plan for mutiny aboard the Thomas Prince; and the search for Prax's daughter comes to a head.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Thursday 8PM - "The Bow Tie Asymmetry"

SEASON FINALE: The Season 11 finale: When Amy's parents and Sheldon's family arrive for the wedding, everybody is focused on making sure all goes according to plan — everyone except the bride and groom.


Timeless (NBC), Sunday 9PM - "The General; Chinatown"

The two-hour finale of the cult hit time travel series. Conspiracies, action and a whole lot more as the season (series?) draws to a close.


Lucifer (Fox), Monday 8PM - "Quintessential Deckerstar"

When Lucifer and Chloe investigate the death of a woman, they discover that they may be pursuing the wrong suspect. Then, Charlotte risks her safety when she decides to take matters into her own hands, and just as Lucifer makes a huge confession, he gets a tragic phone call that changes everything.


Supergirl (The CW), Monday 8PM - "Trinity"

Still reeling after learning about Lena's secret, Supergirl asks Guardian for a favor that could alter his relationship with Lena forever. Meanwhile, with all three Worldkillers united, Supergirl and the team brace for an epic battle.


The Terror (AMC), Monday 9PM - "Terror Camp Clear"

The death of an officer under mysterious circumstances creates paranoia among the men. Crozier discovers some of the crew may be considering mutiny.


iZombie (The CW), Monday 9PM - "Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!"

When Liv consumes the brain of a vice detective who doesn't play by the rules, her newfound recklessness gets her into trouble. Meanwhile, Major is coming really close to discovering Liv's secret.


Elementary (CBS), Monday 10PM - "Once You've Ruled Out God"

Watson and her half sister, Lin, have conflicting reactions when their estranged biological father dies. Also, Holmes and Watson find themselves on the hunt for a stolen plutonium shipment they fear will be used to make a dirty bomb after a department of energy inspector is killed.


The Crossing (ABC), Monday 10PM - "LKA"

Jude is forced to confront his past when he travels back to Oakland to seek assistance from a former colleague. Meanwhile, Caleb reaches out to Marshall after noticing heightened security around the camp; and Sophie experiences an unexpected setback with her plan to help Reece reunite with her daughter.


James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction (AMC), Monday 10PM - "Space"

George Lucas, Zoe Saldana, Jeff Goldblum and others imagine what waits for humans in outer space—and how those discoveries may change humankind.


Final Space (TBS), Monday 10:30PM - "Chapter Ten"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


Shadowhunters (Freeform), Tuesday 8PM - "A Heart of Darkness"

Magnus, Alec and Isabelle try to reach Jace inside The Owl. Maia and Jordan join Simon on the hunt for Lilith, while Luke tries to find a way to get to Clary.


The Flash (The CW), Tuesday 8PM - "Harry and the Harrisons"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

The 100 (The CW), Tuesday 9PM - "Sleeping Giants"

Bellamy leads the charge investigating a potential way home. Meanwhile, Clarke and Madi deal with the new, uncertain threat to their home.


Legion (FX), Tuesday 10PM - "Chapter 14"

Madness visits Division Three.


Riverdale (The CW), Wednesday 8PM - "Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night"

When an incident at the sheriff's station triggers an all-out war between the North and the Southside, Archie and Jughead find themselves in the fight of their lives. Meanwhile Veronica makes a devastating discovery about Hiram, just as someone from his past arrives in Riverdale looking for revenge. Finally, Betty comes face to face with the Black Hood.


Expedition Unknown (Travel), Wednesday 9PM - "Extra Finds: The Ark of the Covenant"

In an enhanced episode, Josh Gates follows in the footsteps of Indiana Jones as he searches in Israel and Ethiopia for the lost Ark of the Covenant, the sacred relic said to contain the Ten Commandments and possess extraordinary powers.

The Expanse (SYFY), Wednesday 9PM - "Triple Point"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

The Originals (The CW), Wednesday 9PM - "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"

Frustrated by the lack of progress made in the search for Hayley, Klaus turns up the heat by taking hostages from each of the three New Orleans supernatural factions. Freya goes to Mystic Falls to check on Hope, who has been sent back to the Salvatore School. Vincent seeks guidance from Ivy after learning that Klaus' erratic behavior is escalating.


Colony (USA), Wednesday 10PM - "Puzzle Man"

Will and Katie put themselves at risk to make contact with the Resistance. Broussard pieces together IGA secrets left behind in LA.


Krypton (SYFY), Wednesday 10PM - "Savage Night"

A resistance movement begins to form to impede the Voice of Rao's increasing power and influence.


The Americans (SYFY), Wednesday 10PM - "Harvest"

Philip and Elizabeth come together for a perilous operation unlike any they've ever had before. Meanwhile, Stan and Henry spend a little quality time together.


Gotham (Fox), Thursday 8PM - "A Dark Knight: One Bad Day"

As Gotham falls into complete anarchy, a team of unlikely heroes step up to save it. Bullock takes the lead at the GCPD and Bruce's psychological limits are tested as those close to him are put in danger.


Supernatural (The CW), Thursday 8PM - "Exodus"

Sam and Dean devise a plan that will save innocent lives.


Siren (Freeform), Thursday 8PM - "Being Human"

Bristol Cove mourns a loss. Ryn becomes more human.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Thursday 8PM - "The Bow Tie Asymmetry"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Arrow (The CW), Thursday 9PM - "The Ties That Bind"

Diaz targets Team Arrow and their loved ones.


Blindspot (NBC), Friday 8PM - "Defection"

Jane is forced to recruit someone from her past to help take down a dangerous alliance.


DuckTales (Disney), Friday 8PM - "Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!"

When Mark Beaks invents an uncrashable self-driving car, threatened Launchpad recruits Gyro's eager intern Fenton to help him defeat the mechanical menace.


Once Upon a Time (ABC), Friday 8PM - "Homecoming"

SERIES FINALE: The two-hour series finale of ABC's fairytale drama.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), Friday 9PM - "The Force of Gravity"

Daisy's future as the destroyer of worlds could take a critical change.


Ghost Adventures (Travel), Saturday 9PM - "Extra Pulses: Dorothea Puente Murder House"

In an enhanced episode, after an occupant claims to be visited by the late Dorothea Puente less than a week ago, Zak and the crew arrive in Sacramento, Cal., to investigate the former home of the elderly serial killer. During the investigation, the crew find potential evidence of undiscovered victims, and Zak is crippled by an unseen force.


Fear the Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9PM - "Laura"

The arrival of a wounded visitor in John Dorie's life forces him to change his ways.


Timeless (NBC), Sunday 9PM - "The General; Chinatown"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Westworld (HBO), Sunday 9PM - "The Riddle of the Sphinx"

Looking forward means looking in the wrong direction.


Into the Badlands (AMC), Sunday 10PM - "Blind Cannibal Assassins"

Sunny and Bajie face off with a deadly new foe who has a dark connection to Sunny's past. Chau enlists her brother in the fight against Pilgrim.

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