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TV THIS WEEK: Grimm is back, Dracula premieres and more!

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Oct 21, 2013

Grimm finally returns with its third season and a zombie-fied Nick, plus we'll get to see the lavish-looking limited series, Dracula.

Also this week, Cat and Vincent hunt for a beast on Beauty and The Beast, Chuck's Joshua Gomez guests as a possible time traveler on Castle, Skye's secret may be exposed on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hayley gets a shocking revelation on The Originals, a family curse is at the heart of things in ABC Family's new series, Ravenswood, Cass deals with his humanity on Supernatural, the artists must create dark elf warriors on Face Off, Aaron questions his connection with the nanites on Revolution, we'll learn the identity of the Canary on Arrow, Stephen attempts to help a human classmate on The Tomorrow People, T.A.P.S. hunts ghosts at a Pennsylvania Asylum on Ghost Hunters, and Fiona takes an unlikely protégé under her wing on American Horror Story: Coven.

And Sheldon has a big scientific breakthrough on The Big Bang Theory, Elena and Stefan are at it again on The Vampire Diaries, the Knave of Hearts is introduced on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Holmes and Watson go up against the Polish mob on Elementary, Hallmark's original TV movie, The Hunters, follows the new protectors of fairy-tale artifacts, on LMN's original TV movie, it's a ghost story called Clara's Deadly Secret, Troubled nightmares strike Haven's citizens on Haven, Daryl Hannah fights zombies on Syfy's Zombie Night, war and romance brew on Once Upon a Time, David Tennant's tenth Doctor is celebrated on Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited, the survivors deal with their latest threat on The Walking Dead, and Joanna's murder trial approaches on Witches of East End.

Here's what we have to look forward to this week on sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal TV.

Monday, Oct. 21

Beauty and The Beast (The CW) 9 p.m. - “Liar, Liar”

Cat and Vincent engage in a game of cat-and-mouse as they join forces to track down a mysterious beast.

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Castle (ABC) 10 p.m. - “Time Will Tell”

Joshua Gomez alert! Chuck's best bud, Morgan (aka Gomez), pops up as a murder suspect who claims he's a time traveler from the future who is trying to stop bad things from happening.

Here's a look:

Other Monday shows of interest:

The History Channel's Ancient Aliens (10 p.m.) takes a look at ancient magic and if it could be the “Magic of the Gods”.

Tuesday, Oct. 22

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) 8 p.m. - “Girl in the Flower Dress”

The team tries to help a young man with a fiery ability in Asia. Meanwhile, Skye's secret becomes an issue for Agent Coulson.

Here's a preview:

The Originals (The CW) 8 p.m. - “Girl in New Orleans”

It looks like Marcel might not have as much control over his “secret weapon” as he thought he did. Meanwhile, Hayley gets a shocking revelation when she pays a visit to a mysterious doctor in the bayou.

Here's a look:

Ravenswood (ABC Family) 9 p.m. - “Pilot”

New Series!Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode at 8 p.m. leads into this spin-off, which follows Caleb as he decides to stay in Ravenswood to help out Miranda. Besieged by strange and supernatural events, Caleb and Miranda dig into the peculiar history of Ravenswood to discover a deep mystery involving a family curse that connects them to the town.

Here's a preview:

Supernatural (The CW) 9 p.m. - “I'm No Angel”

Castiel is hunted by a group of angels, all the while discovering what it's like to be human as he makes his way through the city.

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Face Off (Syfy) 9 p.m. - “Dark Magic”

The artists are tasked with creating dark elf warriors using inspiration garnered from a park and magical Norse runes.

Person of Interest (CBS) 10 p.m. - “Razgovor”

When a 10-year-old girl's number comes up, Shaw reluctantly agrees to follow her. However, her job gets complicated thanks to the girl's surveillance skills. Meanwhile, Carter's plot against HR is threatened.

Here's a preview:

Other Tuesday shows of interest:

On Disney's Wolfblood (8 p.m.) a wild wolfblood watches Maddy in “The Call of the Wild”. And on Syfy final two episodes of Fangasm (11 p.m. & 12 a.m.), the interns join Elvira Mistress of the Dark for a dinner in “A LARP in the Park”, and finally after all their hard work, the Comikaze launch party begins in “Final Fandom”.

Wednesday, Oct. 23

Revolution (NBC) 8 p.m. - “One Riot, One Ranger”

Aaron struggles with his new possible superpower and what that means. Meanwhile, Charlie returns, but Miles and Rachel have to deal with the surprise she brings with her.

Here's a look:

Arrow (The CW) 8 p.m. - “Broken Dolls”

The Canary is revealed! But first we'll discover how Oliver gets out of that jam he got himself into by visiting Laurel. Meanwhile, a killer Lance once put away breaks out of prison and goes on a murderous rampage, and the DA attempts to get the death penalty for Moira.

Here's a promo:

The Tomorrow People (The CW) 9 p.m. - “Girl, Interrupted”

When Stephen discovers a classmate is in trouble, he tries to help. But when he turns to John and Cara for assistance, he learns that they don't believe in helping humans. Meanwhile, John asks Stephen to infiltrate Ultra's main computer.

Here's a look:

Ghost Hunters (Syfy) 9 p.m. - “Shock Island”

T.A.P.S. travels to the Pennsylvania Asylum and Testing Lab in Scott Township, PA for their latest investigation.

Here's a promo:

American Horror Story: Coven (FX) 10 p.m. - “The Replacements”

Fiona works with an unlikely protégé. Meanwhile, Zoe helps Kyle.

Here's a preview:

Other Wednesday shows of interest:

On Disney's Wolfblood (8 p.m.), Maddy explores Eolas powers in “Eolas”. On the Science Channel's Through the Wormhold With Morgan Freeman (9 p.m.), the question is “What Is Nothing?”. And on Syfy's Ghost Mine (10 p.m.), with another unexplainable equipment failure, Patrick and Kristen take drastic action in “Supercharging the Supernatural”.

Thursday, Oct. 24

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 8 p.m. - “The Romance Resonance”

Sheldon's major scientific breakthrough might not be what it seems. Meanwhile, Howard makes a grand romantic gesture to Bernadette.

Here's a preview:

The Vampire Diaries (The CW) 8 p.m. - “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

According to the preview, “Destiny has been trying to get the doppelgangers together forever.” Well, we'll see as Elena and Stefan get a little too close for Damon's comfort. Elsewhere, Jeremy makes a shocking confession.

Here's a promo:

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC) 8 p.m. - “Forget Me Not”

In flashback, we meet Will Scarlet, the Knave of Hearts, who joins Robin Hood's Merry Men. Elsewhere in Wonderland, a Bandersnatch goes after Alice.

Here's a promo:

Elementary (CBS) 10 p.m. - “Ancient History”

Holmes and Watson hunt for a killer involved in the dark world of the Polish mob. Meanwhile, Watson helps a friend find a man who swept her off her feet.

Here's a promo:

Other Thursday shows of interest:

On the two episode season final of Disney's Wolfblood (8 & 8:30 p.m.), a beast hunter captures Maddy and Rhydian during their transformation.

Friday, Oct. 25

The Hunters (Hallmark) 8 p.m.

Original TV movie! This modern day fairy-tale adventure follows the brothers Flynn, who discover they are descendants of a group who safeguard special magical objects. They set off on a quest to find their parents and save the world.

Here's a preview:

Clara's Deadly Secret (LMN) 8 p.m.

Original TV movie! The Claytons and their two daughters, Emma and Kate, leave the big city and move into an old country home. However, when strange things begin to happen, the couple discover that their dream home has a dark past involving the murder of a little girl and if they don't solve the mystery of what happened in the past, history might be destined to repeat itself. The movie stars Emmanuelle Vaugier, Richard Ruccolo, Jonathan Potts, Eva Link, Ella Ballentine, and Johni Keyworth.

Grimm (NBC) 9 p.m. - “The Ungrateful Dead”

Season 3 premiere! The gang hunts for Nick, who's isn't quite himself. Meanwhile, Adalind engages in a grisly task in an effort to get her powers back.

Here's a preview:

Dracula (NBC) 10 p.m. - “Pilot”

New series! In Victorian England, Dracula arrives posing as American Alexander Grayson, an entrepreneur who plans on bringing modern science to the country. His secret plan, however, involves destroying the group that cursed him with immortality and murdered his wife. But when Dracula meets Mina, a woman who may be a reincarnation of his dead wife, things do not go exactly as planned. The limied series will have 10 episodes and stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula, Jessica de Gouw as Mina, Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Jonathan Harker, Katie McGrath as Lucy Westenra, and Thomas Kretschmann as Abraham Van Helsing.

Here's a look:

Haven (Syfy) 10 p.m. - “Lay Me Down”

Haven's citizens are having nightmares and being attacked due to a new deadly Trouble. Meanwhile, Duke faces challenges while trying to help his brother.

Here's a promo:

Other Friday shows of interest:

On Travel's Ghost Adventures (9 p.m.), Zak and the guys take the case of the Thornhaven Manor in New Castle, IN, where the owner claims strange occurrences have been plaguing him since he purchased the property in 2012.

Saturday, Oct. 26

Zombie Night (Syfy) 9 p.m.

Daryl Hannah and Anthony Michael Hall star in this Syfy Original which follows one town, two families and an army of zombies.

Other Saturday shows of interest:

The Cartoon Network's Ben 10: Omniverse (9:30 a.m.) has a new episode called “Return to Forever”. On the channel's Beware The Batman (10 a.m.), Magpie goes after Katana in "Attraction". On LMN's Celebrity Ghost Stories (9 p.m.), the stories come from Michael Madsen, Linda Dano, Joanna Cassidy, and Rae Dawn Chong. Then on the channel's The Haunting Of... (10 p.m.), Carnie Wilson returns to Weed, CA, where she once had a terrifying experience.

Sunday, Oct. 27

Once Upon a Time (ABC) 8 p.m. - “Good Form”

Could it be war between Pan and the gang? Meanwhile, it looks like Emma and Hook might be an item.

Here's a preview:

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited (BBCA) 8 p.m. - “The Tenth Doctor”

A celebration of David Tennant's time as the tenth Doctor. Following the special are two episodes from 2008, “Stolen Earth” and “Journey's End”.

Here's a promo:

The Walking Dead (AMC) 9 p.m. - “Isolation”

The survivors deal with recent losses and who might be feeding the walkers rats at the fence. Meanwhile, a group heads out in search of supplies.

And you can catch Talking Dead at 10 p.m. with host Chris Hardwick chatting up all the episode's developments with guest stars from the series and other non-Walkind Dead super fan stars.

Here's a look:

Witches of East End (Lifetime) 10 p.m. - “A Few Good Talismen”

Joanna's immortal attorney prepares for her murder trail, and Wendy gets romantic with an entomologist in an effort to get ingredients for a spell. Meanwhile, Ingrid evaluates her relationship with Adam.

Other Sunday shows of interest:

On the Travel Channel's Making Monsters (9 p.m.), the crew creates a human-eating demon with 4,000 pounds of clay for the Bennett's Curse haunted attraction in Maryland. On Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva (9 p.m.) Jane represents Deb's mom, who has been arrested for sex solicitation in “Guess Who's Coming”. On TLC's Long Island Medium (9 & 9:30 p.m.), Theresa does a group reading and one woman is shocked by the results, and Theresa and Larry consider adding a swimming pool to their home. On Animal Planet's Mountain Monsters (10 p.m.), the team investigate the possibility of the “Wolfman of Wolfe County” in the Appalachian Mountains.

What are you going to watch?


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