TV THIS WEEK: Midseason finales for Gotham and The Walking Dead, and more!

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Nov 24, 2014

The holiday season is nearly upon us, which means it's time for midseason finales to begin.

Because Thanksgiving is just days away, and many of us will be busy traveling, cooking, eating and watching parades and football, it's a somewhat light week on TV. Many of our shows, especially those that air later in the week, took a break, but that doesn't mean there aren't things worth watching. This week, both Gotham and The Walking Dead will air their final episodes of 2014, plus we'll get a look at NBC's upcoming Peter Pan Live!, a Helix marathon and more. 

Check out the week in TV below. What's on your watchlist?

Highlights of the Week

Gotham (FOX) Monday, 8 p.m. - "Lovecraft"

Midseason finale! - Though there were many doubts about its premise (and hey, there still are), so far Gotham's had little trouble drawing in viewers. It's proven to be a breakout hit for its network at a time when such a hit was definitely needed, and among the male 18-49 demographic it's the top new series on broadcast TV. It remains to be seen whether Gotham can keep up this level of success for its full 22-episode first-season run, but this week's midseason finale could go a long way toward helping with that. Many shows, like The Walking Dead, have come to wield such episodes to great effect, creating heart-stopping moments that mean fans will come back in droves when the show returns the following year, and there's no reason to expect anything less from Gotham. The question is: How high will the ratings climb? Tonight, Selina takes Bruce through the darker parts of Gotham while on the run from assassins. Check out a preview below.

The Making of Peter Pan Live (NBC) Wednesday, 8 p.m.

Behind-the-scenes special! - Remember last year when NBC did beloved musical The Sound of Music on live TV? Well, they're back at it this year with a musical adaptation of the fantasy classic Peter Pan starring Allison Williams (Girls) in the title role and the great Christopher Walken as Captain Hook. The special itself won't air until Dec. 4, but the night before Thanksgiving NBC is giving viewers a sneak peek of the show with a making-of special. Yeah, we know you might not be all that interested at first glance, but since it's a slow TV week, we thought we'd give you a heads-up anyway. And come on ... Christopher Walken as a singing and dancing Captain Hook. How do you miss that?

Helix Marathon (Syfy) Friday, 6 a.m.

Marathon alert! - A hefty number of Americans will be out at 6 a.m. Friday trampling each other for Black Friday deals, but for those of you who'd rather sleep in and get all your bargains on Cyber Monday, Syfy's offering an all-day marathon of Helix, the sci-fi viral thriller co-created by Ronald D. Moore. The series debuted earlier this year as part of Syfy's effort to get back to harder sci-fi, and in Helix's case at least, it worked. A second season is on the way next year, and if you haven't gotten a chance to catch season one yet, or you just want to re-experience it, the entire 13-episode run will be set before you on Friday.

Constantine (NBC) Friday, 10 p.m. - "Rage of Caliban" 

Constantine fans got some bad news today: The show will not get an extended order of first-season episodes from NBC, and production will stop after the original order of 13 episodes is complete. That kind of news is usually a prelude to cancellation, but that might not be the case here. Most fall premieres on broadcast TV drop in September, often during a single, very crowded span of about two weeks. Constantine, along with fellow genre drama Grimm, debuted just before Halloween, something NBC has done with Grimm in the past. So, while most of NBC's new shows, including a couple that have already been canceled, have had nearly two months of episodes at this point, Constantine's only had one. That means NBC has less ratings information to go on when making its first-season extension decision, and given that ratings for the show (as we discussed before) have been middling, NBC decided to play it safe and keep the episode order at 13. So Constantine is not canceled yet, and it's still got a shot at renewal. This week, John must face his reluctance to exorcise children when a dark force possesses a young boy. Check out a preview below.

The Walking Dead (AMC) Sunday, 9 p.m. - "Coda"

Midseason finale! - At this point, midseason finale episodes of The Walking Dead have become events almost as big as season premieres and finales on the show, sporting big ratings and ratcheting up big anticipation for whatever happens when the series returns in the winter. Last season's midseason break episode was watched by more than 12 million Live+Same Day viewers, and this year the show is poised to top that. We've talked about The Walking Dead as a perpetual ratings juggernaut for quite a while now, but it's never been this big before. The least-watched episode of season five so far drew 13.53 million viewers, a total viewership higher than 12 of last season's 16 episodes, and every single episode of season three. This season's lows are better than the highs from two seasons ago, when The Walking Dead was already considered a dominant cable TV force. There seems to be no stopping this zombie apocalypse. All we can do is see how high it climbs. This week Rick tries to make peace with new enemies who refuse to play by the rules. Check out a preview below.

Monday, November 24

Gotham (FOX) 8 p.m. - "Lovecraft" 

Read more in our Highlights section above.

The Originals (CW) 8 p.m. - "The Brothers That Care Forgot"

Rebekah is pursued by Esther, but Klaus devises a plan to get Vincent and Kaleb to turn against their mother. Meanwhile, Davina turns to dark magic, and Hayley and Jackson stumble upon an ancient ritual that would get their werewolf packs out from under Esther's control but would require a tremendous sacrifice.

Sleepy Hollow (FOX) 9 p.m. - "Magnum Opus"

A quest to kill Moloch is the next mission undertaken by Abbie and Ichabod, but only if they can find a weapon powerful enough and the Headless Horseman doesn't get in the way.

Scorpion (CBS) 9 p.m. - "Talismans"

Team Scorpion tries to recover stealth technology before it falls into enemy hands when a military plane is shot down in Bosnia. Meanwhile, Walter's sister takes a break from her MS treatment and spends time at the garage with Sylvester.

Star Wars Rebels (Disney XD) 9 p.m. - "Gathering Forces"

Kanan and Ezra help a deserter who is being pursued by Imperial forces.

Tuesday, November 25

The Flash (CW) 8 p.m. - "Power Outage"

The Flash battles Farooq (aka Blackout), a metahuman who can harness electricity. During their fight, Farooq siphons all of the Flash's electricity, which zaps him of his speed. Meanwhile, Tockman leads a coup inside the Central City police department and takes several people hostage, including Joe and Iris.

Supernatural (CW) 9 p.m. - "Girls, Girls, Girls"

Rowena returns and tries to recruit and train followers in the art of witchcraft, but Sam and Dean devise a plan to stop her. Meanwhile, Hannah runs into a blast from her vessel's past, which complicates things for her and Castiel.

Person of Interest (CBS) 10 p.m. - "The Devil You Know"

Reese and Finch get caught in a power struggle for control of the city's gangs when Elias is targeted by Dominic, the leader of the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Root and Shaw disagree over how to handle a new threat from Samaritan.

Wednesday, November 26

The Making of Peter Pan Live! (NBC) 8 p.m.

Read more in our Highlights section above.

Gravity Falls (Disney XD) "The Love God"

Mabel takes matchmaking too far when she steals a love potion from a real love god.

The Almighty Johnsons (Syfy) 11 p.m. - "Effortless Manly Coolness"

Ingrid reunites with an old flame after he's released from prison.

Thursday, November 27

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC) 10 a.m.

OK, so it's not strictly genre, but there's a good chance you'll see Spider-Man, Pikachu and of course Santa Claus. 

Elementary (CBS) 10 p.m. - "Rip Off"

Holmes and Kitty investigate the murder of a postal store owner whose death is connected to the illegal diamond trade. Meanwhile, Gregson's career is placed in jeopardy when he hits a fellow NYPD officer.

The Almighty Johnsons (Syfy) 11 p.m. - "Man-Flu"

A virus hits the gang hard, leaving Axl in a coma while Olaf begins to age rapidly. Elsewhere, Anders and Stacey join forces in a mission to free the Stick with the hope that the magical Tree of Life can prevent their deaths.

Friday, November 28

Helix Marathon (Syfy) 6 a.m. 

Read more in our Highlights section above.

Legend of Korra (Nick.com) - "Beyond the Wilds" 

Something strange is happening to the vines in Republic City. 

Haven (Syfy) 7 p.m. - "Chemistry"

Divided loyalties put the gang at odds, and a terrifying revelation changes everything.

Grimm (NBC) 9 p.m. - "Highway of Tears"

Nick is anxious to become a Grimm again in light of the attack on Monroe and Rosalee; at the same time, he and Hank are called to a stretch of highway that acts as a staging area for a horrifying Wesen ritual. Meanwhile, the sudden arrival of an old friend surprises Trubel, and in Vienna, Viktor meets with a completely broken Adalind.

Constantine (NBC) 10 p.m. - "Rage of Caliban"

Read more in our Highlights section above.

Z Nation (Syfy) 10 p.m. - "Murphy's Law"

Murphy is kidnapped by a group of outlaws trying to crack the "Fort Knox of Oxycotin." As the survivors battle drug-enhanced zombies, a startling discovery is made about Murphy's abilities.

Saturday, November 29

Atlantis (BBC America) 9 p.m. - "Telemon"

Ariadne is formally crowned queen, but with Pasiphae still at large and the city struggling in the aftermath of battle Atlantis remains vulnerable. But an enigmatic stranger arrives offering salvation.

Sunday, November 30

Once Upon a Time (ABC) 8 p.m. - "Fall" 

As the power of the Snow Queen's spell falls on Storybrooke, its residents must stop her or rip each other to shreds.

Resurrection (ABC) 9 p.m. - "Forsaken"

Fear and anti-Returned rhetoric rise as the virus spreads, Bellamy and Sheriff Fred make every effort to track down the True Living members before they can do any more harm, and Maggie gets closer to finding a cure, but then a kidnapping and a hate crime bring her progress to a halt.

The Walking Dead (AMC) 9 p.m. - "Coda"

Read more in our Highlights section above.

(Episode synopses via TV Guide)

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